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Career Advancement with Soft Skills Training Courses in Sharjah

Soft skills are a complex of non-specialized and non-specific skills necessary for successful participation and high productivity in work. Soft skills are a set of productive personality traits that may include communicative and language skills, cognitive or emotional empathy, personal habits, time management, teamwork, and leadership. They fall into three broad categories: human skills, social skills, and personal career characteristics.

Soft skills are critical in a modern workplace. They complement hard skills and day-to-day competencies. A study by Harvard University found that soft skills determine 80% of career achievements. Soft skills training courses are necessary for effective performance in the future workplace.

What skills do they train in soft skills courses in Sharjah UAE?

So, what is the subject of study on soft skills training courses? Here are the skills gathered into four main groups:

  • Basic communication skills that will help you develop relationships with people, maintain a conversation, effectively behave in critical situations when communicating with others. All of us need that kind of skills. These are the ability to listen, persuade and argumentation, building and maintaining business relations, negotiating, conducting presentations, public speaking, and business writing
  • Self-management skills help to effectively control one’s condition, time, processes: managing emotions, stress, one’s own development, planning and time management
  • Effective thinking skills influence such kind of managing processes that help to make life and work more systemic. These are a systematic creative structural and logical thinking, search, and analysis of information, development and decision making.
  • Managerial skills that people need at the stage when they become managers of any business processes and entrepreneurs. These include setting tasks for employees, managing performance, motivating implementation control, mentoring, project management, and delegation.

The UAE, and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular offer foreigners excellent opportunities for business development and career growth. This is mainly due to the tax-free environment and the rapid development of the economy. And besides, here in the UAE, you will find many solutions for personal and professional development - courses, training and seminars on improving soft and hard skills.