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Basics of Project Work at Project Management Courses in Sharjah

Project management involves the development of a work plan, the appointment of a project manager and a project team, the execution and monitoring of the execution of project work. The goal of project management is to solve a specific problem in a short time with minimal costs. Successful project management is based on proper planning. Among the advantages of project management are: focus on results, constant interaction with customers and clients, innovation, measurability of the implementation of a specific task.

Project management training courses in Sharjah

A project manager is a specialist who is responsible for the successful implementation of a project within a timeframe specified by a customer with the required quality, with a fixed budget and limited human resources and with the necessary requirements from a customer. As a result, the main result of the work of this manager is customer satisfaction.

The position of a project manager imposes high responsibility on a specialist, since it is this person who controls all the processes of the project and the final result of the work depends on him/her. Career path of the project manager always leads to the top management and towards the projects of a larger budget.

Certified project managers are in demand in many industries:

  • Information Technology;
  • Building;
  • Finance;
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Organization of events;

The first project manager appeared in the field of information technology, which is why the is the highest demand for these managers is still in IT. At the same time, in every large business, this profession is necessary and economically justified.

Official duties of a project manager dependent on the scope of the company's activities, but at the same time they have a common set of tasks:

  • project management (quality control, deadlines, budgets and risks);
  • communication with the customer (coordination of plans, deadlines, requirements, budgets);
  • management of the project team;
  • maintenance of project and technical documentation:
  • participation in the sale process and conclusion of contracts (including participation in tenders);
  • post-project management of customers and additional sales.

Sometimes the functions of a project manager include the tasks of a sales manager: effective search for clients, preparation of commercial proposals, negotiations, the conclusion of contracts, etc.

As for the project manager's opportunities in the UAE, there is everything necessary for a successful career: a dynamic economy, tax-free environment, safety, and comfort, as well as opportunities for vocational training, including at the best project management training courses.