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Call Center Courses in Sharjah – the best educational solution in the Emirate

Communication takes most of the working day of a call center operator. And in order for this communication to be effective, in addition to a clear understanding of the service area (goods or services that this specialist consults on), such a person should have communication skills, experience in conflict resolution, be stress-resistant, and have several other essential skills. Not all operators have this set of necessary qualities and skills, many have to train them, and the most effective form is a short (3-5 days) intensive training course for contact center operators.

A professional in the call center should not only get in good with a customer but using various methods to reduce his/her outrage and help to solve the problem. It is crucial for a call center operator to be competent and reasonably erudite since dialogue often does not follow a previously developed scenario. Therefore, a specialist, depending on the context of the conversation, should provide professional assistance to a customer. In general, in order for an operator to answer a question, advise a client, accept an order, it is required to prepare it in advance. So this specialist should pass some primary education. In addition to the proper level of communication skills and mastering a certain array of information, some training is required, in particular, trainings for the Call Center in Sharjah.

Call center classes in Sharjah

Who are the call center courses and training in Sharjah for? Quite a few service companies are registered In the UAE free zones as well as offices that operate as call centers, in particular, in the Emirate of Sharjah (Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) and Hamriyah Free Zone (HAFZA)). Due to the general growth of trade and industry and tougher competition in the market, there is a growing demand for professionals who would serve customers in service and call centers.

The call center training in Sharjah are aimed at improving the qualities specific to support operator: identifying a decision maker, the basics of sales technique, developing active listening skills, asking questions, persuading, overcoming objections, working with conflicts, etc. Such classes usually deal with proper handling of complaints:

  • how to listen;
  • how to determine the source of the problem;
  • how to keep the situation under control;
  • how to solve a problem;
  • how to get rid of the words of parasites and speech errors;
  • how to learn the basics of business etiquette.

Although usually, they do not have specific education requirements for call center specialists, there are still a number of essential skills such a person should have, and these skills are the subject of study at the Call Center courses in Sharjah.