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Quality Management courses in Dubai, UAE

Considering intensive quality management short courses in Dubai? In an era where customers demand nothing but excellence, quality management becomes pivotal. Our quality management classes will equip you with the skills to ensure consistent quality and elevate customer satisfaction. By undergoing quality management training, you'll learn to apply standards and best practices professionally, improving both efficiency and performance.

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Quality management is an essential component of any business's success, especially in such high-competitive areas as Dubai. Our well-crafted courses on Quality Management will help you to keep a high mark in all aspects.

No other aspect is so important as the quality of products and services. One needs up-to-date knowledge, special tools, and professional skills to create an effective quality management system. Adapting it to changes in the market, and modernizing it as technology develops. Our quality management courses will help you to learn all this.

Did you know? More than 1 million companies from more than 170 countries around the world apply the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Quality management system

Quality management systems, their development, and management are the main subjects of our quality management courses. These systems coordinate and direct the work of the company. The goal is to meet the requirements of customers, owners, society, and government, and improve production. Well-established quality management system:

  • Organizes activities within the company.
  • Resolving conflicts within and without organization.
  • Provides extra advantage over competitors that do not use it.
  • Allows continuous monitoring of processes through various mechanisms.
  • Allows the involvement of all personnel in quality work.

But, a quality management system is not a big static mechanism. Market sentiment, customer and partner expectations, industry standards, and laws change. Thus from time to time, there is a need to adapt certain processes. This is the responsibility of quality managers.

Short quality management training from the Atton Institute

Our quality management course is made by professionals and for professionals. Training is structured in such a way that gives the greatest results in the shortest possible time. Thus, we have added as much educational material as possible to it. Best practices, international standards, and theoretical material for understanding this area in general. And students master all this at our 3- and 5-day intensives.

Who needs quality management training?

Our quality management courses are for a wide range of managers. They are for quality management personnel, team leaders, department heads, customer service managers, marketers, and senior executives. All those who create and maintain a quality of service and a customer-centric culture in their organizations may also find them handy.

What will you gain by completing our quality management classes?

Students master the basic principles of quality management: customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, continuous improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and relationship management. Also, you will gain all the necessary skills to work with tools to put in place and improve the quality management system in your company. After completing the Quality Management course, you will be able to:

  • Develop and put in place an effective quality management system;
  • Use customer satisfaction measurement tools and methods to define and meet customer expectations;
  • Create a customer-centric culture within the company with high service standards;
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service quality, build strong relationships with customers;
  • Move up the career ladder to become a leader;
  • Increase your income and business profitability.

Why to choose the quality management course from the Atton Institute?

1. Unique educational technology

In our classes, we apply the original Atton LPI Learning Methodology©. Thanks to it just in 3-5 days our students master the amount of knowledge that takes weeks or even months at universities. Our course materials are developed by our trainers themselves. These courses include their experience and own development. We combine less of the necessary theory and more practical tools to achieve the best result.

2. Flexibility and support

All the necessary information about each of the courses is available on our website. It indicates the place, date, and time of the classes. The topics, the detailed schedule of the educational day, the cost, and other useful data are also there. Each of our courses runs several times a year, often even a few times a quarter, so you don't miss out when your time comes. At all stages from choosing a course to obtaining a certificate, you can contact our support managers. They will help you to resolve any issue and provide all the necessary information at your request.

3. Discounts

The course price varies, depending on the time of booking. If you book more than 25 days before the start of the class, your discount will be approximately 10% (depending on the course), and if more than 70 days in advance – 20% (depending on the course). We offer several payment methods: bank transfer, check, or cash in our office.

4. Certification

We issue a certificate to all students of the courses. You can see a sample document on the website. It has several protection levels and its authenticity is confirmed through a special form, which you will also find on our website.

A quality manager must have a good understanding of the processes of a particular business. This specialist must be familiar with the features and problems of production. Knowledge of the laws governing the industry is also necessary as well as the knowledge of the basic requirements of the standards. Besides, a quality manager conducts an internal audit of the company's activities. This specialist controls the whole quality management process: planning, improvement, control, and provision.


By choosing a course from the Quality management set in Dubai from Atton Institute, you can significantly improve your qualifications and expertise, and gain up-to-date, practically applicable knowledge. Besides, you will get:

  1. New useful acquaintances with other course participants
  2. A bunch of ideas that can be implemented in workflows
  3. Positive emotions and well-structured knowledge

The educational process goes in small groups of up to 10 people in one of the best and most convenient hotels in Dubai. All our teachers have practical experience in applying their knowledge in Quality Management. They offer you their experience and their expertise.

Thus, by attending our courses and receiving a Quality Management Course Certificate from Atton Institute, you get much more than just professional skills and knowledge, but also things that money cannot buy.

So, do you want to gain the necessary professional skills, learn new tools and techniques, and generally improve your level? Choose the course that suits you or contact us for a consultation to find out which of the Quality management training courses is right for you.