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Project Management courses in Dubai, UAE

Project management courses are intended primarily for department managers, those who are going to manage a project or an entire company, and other managers. Since the overwhelming majority of businesses use a project approach in their work, PMP certification becomes a mandatory requirement for every project manager confirming that a specialist meets the generally accepted international standards in this area.

Courses in Dubai
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Dubai, UAE FI-102
27 May - 31 May, 2024 5 Days
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Dubai, UAE FI-126
3 Jun - 7 Jun, 2024 5 Days
Available Online
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Dubai, UAE PM-100
24 Jun - 28 Jun, 2024 5 Days
Available Online
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Dubai, UAE PM-056
1 Jul - 5 Jul, 2024 5 Days
Available Online
Dubai, UAE BU-125
15 Jul - 19 Jul, 2024 5 Days
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Short project management courses in Dubai, UAE to accelerate your career

Modern businesses face permanent pressure from an immediate corporate environment which, nowadays, changes fast and constantly. Only professional and perfectly educated project manager can set up all processes to manage with all these tensions on Dubai business. Atton Institute project management courses in Dubai, UAE equip you with efficient and contemporary methodologies that allow a company to cut the expenses, set the efficient corporate processes and gain competitive advantages.

Atton provides project management training courses in Dubai and abroad for both experienced and inexperienced professionals so you can get the performance boost at your current position independently on where you are now, and get the fresh start for new, significant career advancements. Let us consider the role of a project manager and the meaning of PMP certification courses.

A project manager professional, and the role of specialized courses

A project manager is a specialist responsible for successful planning executing and managing of projects, successful project completion, according to customer’s task, within the agreed schedule, with the required quality, at a fixed cost, limited human resources and in accordance with the given requirements and taking into account all the risks. Under the conditions of steadily increasing competition, a company's readiness for unforeseen events and the ability of competent managers to anticipate, plan and manage changes are particularly relevant. In business, project management is a kind of art requiring skills, time and efforts. Despite the fact that there are some peculiarities in certain spheres, in practice, construction project management does not differ a lot from IT project management. Thus in any field, there is project documentation, techniques like PMI, Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, Lean, Six Sigma are used everywhere. Knowledge of the general principles of project management and skills in their application is the key to success in project management.

The main responsibility of a project manager is to bring the idea of the customer to implementation within the prescribed period, using existing resources. As the part of this task, a manager has to build a development plan, organize the team, set up the process of working on the project, provide feedback between the teams and the customer, eliminate interference for the units, control the quality and delivery of the product on time.

“We need this to work” is the slogan of a project manager. This person implies that the team will deliver the result in a reasonable time frame with a reasonable level of quality. Good PM appreciates the time; this person is a good analyst, psychologist, leader; energetic, positive, does not panic, always looks for the ways to solve problems instead of excuses, politically correct, understands strategy and tactics. Therefore a specialist working in this area needs PMP certification courses to improve the above-listed skills and knowledge.

Why our project management courses in UAE are of the great value for you

Excellent project management skills allow you to manage projects more efficiently, estimate possible risks, deliver the greater value for your company and grow both professionally and personally. Learn how to develop, plan, lead and deliver the most successful projects with Atton`s professional project management training courses in Dubai, the UAE.