Procurement Management

Procurement Management courses in Dubai, UAE

Why should you take procurement management courses in Dubai? In a world where strategic sourcing and cost-efficiency drive business success, professionals with procurement skills are in high demand. Our procurement courses in Dubai offer comprehensive training to hone your strategic purchasing skills and improve supplier relationships. By undergoing our procurement management training, you will gain professional insights to maximize value in procurement operations.

Courses in Dubai
Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE SC-117
29 Jul - 2 Aug, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE SC-118
16 Sep - 20 Sep, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE SC-117
28 Oct - 1 Nov, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE SC-118
23 Dec - 27 Dec, 2024 5 Days

All businesses engaged in procurement, that is, the vast majority of all companies in all areas, need skillful management. In order for the procurement manager to meet today's realities and market requirements, the specialist needs procurement management courses, and the Atton Institute provides a series of such classes.

Supplier selection and effective communication with them, contract management, bidding, procurement, and resolving accounts payable - these and other important issues are covered in our courses in Dubai, UAE.

How Procurement Management Courses Can Help Improve System Efficiency

What are procurement courses for? They help to create an effective procurement management system. Such a system allows businesses to get several significant benefits: free up to 70% of the working time of managers of the purchasing department and automate most of the work through the use of intelligent tools, provide quick access to information on the movement of goods, minimize the errors caused by the human factor, Increase inventory levels and reduce inventory levels. The Atton Institute will help you get special knowledge and skills in our procurement courses.

Due to abrupt changes in the globalized economy, such as sanctions wars, conflicts, and epidemics, supply chains are disrupted within a day, which entails significant business problems. Thus, by effectively managing these components, companies can avoid rising costs, loss of competitiveness, or even resale risks. Rapid technological development makes the management process easier and faster. Still, there is a solution to this problem – mastering the appropriate tools and specific knowledge in this issue and professional training will help with this.

Our procurement management courses include:

  • Fundamentals of supply chain management
  • Supply chain risk management for professionals

Who Needs Procurement Management Training?

Our professional classes are primarily intended for those who organize purchases and deliveries in the company:

  • Supply chain specialists;
  • Logistics specialists;
  • Production process managers;
  • Procurement Specialists;
  • Quality management specialists;
  • Operations managers.

Our training will also be helpful for all those who want to move up the career ladder and need to expand their knowledge in procurement management.

What will you get after Completing Procurement Courses?

So, after completing our procurement courses, you will receive practically valuable and relevant knowledge and skills necessary to organize the procurement process at your company:

  • General understanding of supply chain management processes.
  • Ways to balance supply and demand to meet customer requirements effectively.
  • Skills for finding and selecting suppliers, negotiating, and signing contracts.
  • Ways to optimize production processes through effective procurement.
  • Skills in working with modern tools for organizing logistics.
  • Ways to measure and monitor supply chain performance.
  • Best practices in supply chain management
  • Skills in building and leading high-performing supply chain teams.
  • Deep understanding of the world's best SCRM practices and skills in developing and implementing an effective SCRM plan.

5 Reasons to Take Professional Procurement Courses from the Atton Institute

1. Quick result

Our specialists have developed a unique training method – Atton LPI©. Thanks to it, our students, in just 3-5 days of intensive procurement courses, master the amount of material that usually takes weeks to learn. We understand your time is money, so we try to save it as much as possible by giving you only the most necessary and practically applicable skills. Our courses provide the maximum result in the shortest possible time.

2. Large choice of options

We regularly provide more than 120 courses in various areas in Dubai, UAE. In particular, we offer courses in purchasing management, supply chain management, etc. Each of our classes is repeated several times a year so that you can choose the most convenient time. Atton's consultants will gladly assist you in choosing and registering, so do not hesitate to call us at the number on our website. The description of each course indicates the course's time, dates, study schedule, program, cost, and other information.

3. Payment and discounts

The cost of our courses depends on the time of booking. So, we offer a system of discounts for early birds:

  • 10+%* in case of booking 25+ days in advance
  • 20+%* in case of booking 70+ days in advance

* The discount amount may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.

4. Certificate

Upon completing our courses, each student gets a certificate with a number. Our document has several levels of protection, and its authenticity can be checked on our website in a particular form or by calling our manager.

5. Quick registration

Having chosen the best option, you must fill out a small form on the site or provide your data to our manager by phone. Then, you receive an invoice, which must be paid via bank transfer, a check, or cash at our office. Registering and preparing for the course will take a little time.


So, can the Atton Institute’s procurement courses help you? After completing our intensive, you will receive up-to-date, practically applicable knowledge and translations of the best specialists in their field – our trainers. Professionals for professionals develop our training.

Our classes are held in small groups of up to 10 people at one of the best hotels in Dubai. Depending on the specific course, it can take 3 or 5 days; during this time, you will fully master the entire program. You can get detailed information about the date and place of the event, material, prices, discounts, and certificates on our website in the courses section.

We are a recognized professional training provider in the UAE with extensive experience in the market. We offer only what is valuable for a professional and what you can immediately use in your company. After completing our procurement management courses, you will be able to make the procurement system in the company as simple as possible, convenient, efficient, and stable in the shortest possible time.