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Human Resources Management (SHRM Endorsed, HR) courses in Dubai, UAE

People make all the difference. HR courses in Dubai will help you get the best result from your staff. How and where to find the right specialist, how to retain and motivate a professional, and what solutions are best for vocational training, you will learn all this on a certified course for HR managers as well as some features of the labor market in the Middle East.

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HR courses in Dubai, UAE

The range of responsibilities and functions of HR management has been increased drastically over the previous decade. Human Resources are no longer just about hiring people and payroll. Thus, the importance and influence of the HR department on the overall success of the organization are very significant. It becomes obvious that qualifications, professionalism, and knowledge of HR must be at the highest possible level. Atton`s top quality human resource management training and HR courses in Dubai can equip HR managers in the UAE with actual, updated and modern tools and techniques delivered within our classes that boost the results for the whole organization.

People must always be at the center of an organization and are the most valuable asset of any corporation because only they can decide if a company thrives or declines. It is the key reason why investment in well-trained and educated HR department always pays back.

The importance of Professional in Human Resources (PHR) for business

The lack of a clear understanding of the objectives and specifics of the work of Chief HR Officer is a fairly common problem for businesses both in the UAE and around the world. It often happens that the head of a company cannot correctly formulate own expectations regarding the HR-manager, and due to this mismatch of expectations it is not possible to build an effective Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) in a company. Not all managers believe that the company should have a strategy for working with human assets for human development and retaining talented people, applications and networking, they neglect the fact that a well-built, systematic work on managing of people and staffing resources can affect the company's business income. Therefore, HR courses in Dubai are of great importance.

Among the tasks of an HR manager, we can highlight the following ones:

  • Monitoring labor markets to find and hire top talents;
  • Recruiting, e-recruiting, interviewing and selecting valuable human capital assets;
  • Development of succession planning strategies;
  • Development of staff development systems;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of personnel policy and employee performance.

Professional human resource management training in Dubai, the UAE

Throughout Atton`s human resource management training courses (HRM training in UAE) participants will cover the wide range of numerous responsibilities of HR managers. By visiting our classes discover the most modern approaches and techniques that will skyrocket the overall performance of the whole Dubai organization.

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