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Health & Safety Management courses in Dubai, UAE

Who can gain from health & safety management courses in Dubai? With the increasing focus on wellbeing in workplaces, the demand for competent health & safety managers is on the rise. Whether you're a budding professional or an experienced manager, these health & safety management courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to mitigate workplace hazards and maintain compliance with safety regulations.

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Health and Safety Management courses in Dubai

Who should attend health & safety management courses? The environmental situation around the globe remains steadily tense: global warming, the continuing emission of harmful substances into water, land, and air, the worsening problem of garbage, the exhaustion of natural resources, the constantly growing consumption of energy, and several other problems impose their demands on business.

Companies must develop, considering their impact on the environment and society. The question of profit and earnings is now not the only one that matters, and management also considers ecological, safety, and health issues. Besides, the company's financial performance, environmental impact, resource consumption, and sustainability are also considered. To succeed, a business must also have a clear and safe reputation.

Any problems related to environmental friendliness, safety, and human health can potentially lead to lawsuits, large fines, loss of image, and other negative effects that will significantly worsen the company's position on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to deal with new difficulties and to make a development strategy such that the business complies with modern environmental and safety standards. This is a prime task for the company board and other managers who are directly responsible for the health and safety of people. Therefore, health & safety management courses are primarily focused on them.

Did you know? The total costs for the elimination of consequences of injuries at the workplace amounted to about 170 billion dollars around the world. Companies spent about $1,100 per workplace injury case for the past year. And these expenses could be reduced with proper health and wisdom management.

Short health & safety management courses from the Atton Institute

Our short health & safety management courses offer a comprehensive solution to all these problems. Our program is developed for leaders of any kind and aims to achieve tangible results, providing real benefits for an entire organization. Having acquired these skills, a manager will be able to maximize the safety and reliability of the company. And no matter where you work, in an office, warehouse, construction site, port, or somewhere else, you will receive all the necessary knowledge and tools to bring your workplace in line with all existing standards and rules. You will be able to ensure compliance with safety, environmental, and health standards in your work environment.

Who are our health and safety courses for?

As already noted, our health and safety courses are intended primarily for leaders, namely:

  • Managers of all levels, from line to C-level managers;
  • Labor protection specialists;
  • Risk managers;
  • Civil servants;
  • Strategic planning managers;
  • Professionals responsible for maintaining health and safety in the company;
  • Regulatory officials who develop security protocols;
  • Specialists who want to receive an appropriate certificate confirming their professional level;

As well as all other employees who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills and advance in their careers.

Skills You Gain from Health and Safety Courses

So, by completing our health and safety courses, you will be able to:

  • Improve overall understanding of the safe, secure, and environmentally friendly operation of any business;
  • Find out how to organize and involve stakeholders for effective oversight;
  • Learn corporate risk management strategies designed to minimize business losses;
  • Familiarize with the overall HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) plan;
  • Improve your skills in developing a safety culture within your company;
  • Learn how to use business intelligence to optimize and report on EHS;
  • Find out how to apply risk control strategies;
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for possible emergencies in your organization;
  • Master fire safety management techniques;
  • Learn to control the risks of using hazardous substances.

All this will help you to organize a safe and environmentally friendly environment in your company.

Why should you take the Atton Institute Safety and Health course?

So why the Atton Institute?

1. Quick result

Our courses are intensive, designed for 3 or 5 full days. We have developed and implemented our own original method – Atton LPI©. Thanks to it, we can achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time. Our programs contain as much helpful and practically applicable information and knowledge as possible. These courses are developed by practicing professionals, one of the best in their industry.

2. Certificate

Upon completing our studies, we issue a certificate to all our listeners. The certificate from the Atton Institute is a secure document; its authenticity can be verified on our website through a particular form.

3. Wide choice

We offer over 120 courses in various categories, including safety and health. Each of our courses is repeated several times a year, so you do not miss one. Training takes place in one of the best hotels in Dubai with groups of up to 10 people. Besides, on our website, you will find all the information you need to choose the best option: a description of the program and topics to study, the schedule and cost of the course, and the set of skills you will receive after its completion. This information is enough to make an informed decision. But if you have any problems, you can always contact our consultants.

4. Discounts

The cost of the course depends on the time of its booking. If you book your course more than 25 days in advance, you will get a discount of approximately 10-12% (depending on the course), and if you book a course more than 70 days in advance, you will get a discount of approximately 20% (depending on the course). The way of payment does not affect the discount (you can pay for the course in cash, check, or bank transfer).

5. Quick registration

To register for our course, you need to fill out a short form on our website or call the number listed on the website. In any case, registration will take up to 10 minutes of your time.


Our health and safety courses are aimed at a wide range of students, from heads of department to top managers and anyone who wants to get the appropriate knowledge in this area. All who have attended the course receive our certificate confirming the acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills.

We have developed these classes for working professionals so that you will get maximum results in the shortest possible time. We appreciate your time.

Our course authors are recognized professionals ready to share their knowledge and practical experience.

We also have a discount system and a support service that will help you in any matter, from choosing courses to obtaining a document.