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Digital Marketing courses in Dubai, UAE

Modern marketing is impossible without digital marketing. At digital marketing courses in Dubai, you will get an overview and general information about what methods and techniques to use, which of them are more effective at the Middle East and, how to develop a strategy to promote a product or service in the local market using digital marketing techniques.

Courses in Dubai
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Dubai, UAE MA-060
23 Oct - 25 Oct, 2023 3 Days
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Dubai, UAE MA-004
20 Nov - 23 Nov, 2023 4 Days
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Dubai, UAE MA-041
18 Dec - 22 Dec, 2023 5 Days
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Digital Marketing courses in Dubai, UAE

Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai, UAE provided by Atton Institute consider various elements of online marketing strategy such as SEO, SMM, Google AdWords, e-mail marketing, user-generated content engagement, ORM (Online Reputation Management), etc. The best selection of our courses in the digital advertising category is aimed to deliver various sets of skills in this area of professional development. Choose one or several top courses and training in this category to become a certified professional in digital marketing. The modules of each course and training are designed in such a way that participants study the underlying theory combined with practical examples and exercises. This guarantees that upon completion of a course or program participants obtain the certificate and know how to implement the gained knowledge in praxis and get the top skills on planning and setting the right strategy for Internet marketing. How to evaluate the feasibility of advertising based on the cost of pay per click, how to evaluate the user intent, how to segment the target audience, how to achieve brand awareness? You can find answers to these and many other questions in online marketing classes. Among the typical topics considered at the specialized courses:

  • Remarketing;
  • Data-driven advertising;
  • Video advertising;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Advertisement in social networks;
  • Advertisement in ?? blog platforms and online communities.

Some benefits of studying Online Marketing – must have knowledge in a modern technological environment

Online marketing training courses in Dubai give participants the complete vision of the essentials of the web advertisement and promotion and provide them with absolutely new tools, tactics and strategies to boost both professional career and company`s results. Get a comprehensive understanding of the fastest growing sector through the thoroughly selected, praxis based, and real-world oriented online marketing courses which are the origin on why you get ahead in the strong modern competition. Our commercial institute in the UAE is the answer to all the challenges in website promotion.

Digital Marketing courses and training our Institute offers

When preparing Digital Marketing courses and programs our institute faculty has set the target to make each online related course to be the best for the given purpose. For example, the main internet marketing class provides the best overview of all elements of this type of marketing. When talking about other classes in UAE, for example E-mail or Social Media marketing and advertising, these ones are best suited for those specialists who aim to obtain professional qualifications in a particular subject of digital advertising and website promotion. There is also a large number of other internet marketing courses, which are provided by our institute in Dubai, UAE, which you can attend to get the best results in website promotion.