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Data Science courses in Dubai, UAE

Whether you're aspiring to become a proficient data analyst or looking to lead in this digital age, our Data Science training courses in Dubai have got you covered. Our courses, equip you with the best techniques to drive informed business decisions. Business Intelligence offers insights into data-driven strategies, while Leading and Managing Change in the Digital Age prepares managers for successful digital transformations.

Courses in Dubai
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Dubai, UAE BU-096
26 Aug - 30 Aug, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE BU-096
16 Dec - 20 Dec, 2024 5 Days

"Who owns the information, owns the world" – this phrase is the basis of all the data science courses we provide to participants. Why?

The amount of information businesses process daily grows year by year. Companies collect data on sales and customers, supply chains, traffic, production costs, advertising campaigns, etc. Managers must be able to analyze this data, draw conclusions and make timely decisions based on this analysis. Analysis and processing skills and knowledge one gets in our data science courses will help to become a professional in data processing and analysis.

Did you know? Approximately 328.77 million terabytes of new data will appear today, and about 120 zettabytes will appear by the end of a year.

The role of data science in business development

What prevents your company from making high profits? How many customers have you lost due to the incompetent actions of your sales team? How quickly will you recover the investments when entering a new market? The answers to these and other vital questions lie in data analysis. To draw the correct conclusions and act rationally, you need to master the tools and techniques for data analysis, and data science training courses will help you with this issue.

Best data science courses from the Atton Institute

Atton Institute is one of the leading corporate providers of short-term professional courses in Dubai. The authors of our courses are top specialists in their fields: salespeople, marketers, managers, logisticians, etc. We offer you a good educational product from professionals and for professionals, and these data science courses are just like that. We understand how important your time is, so we included as much helpful and practically applicable information about data analysis in our classes as possible.

Our data science courses lineup includes the following:

  • Business intelligence
  • Leading and managing change in the digital age – for managers and executives
  • Professional business analytics & data analysis – strategy and decision making

Who needs short professional training in data science?

Our data science courses are for a wide range of professionals, primarily those who analyze data – business and research analysts. Besides, this knowledge and skills will be helpful for marketing and sales managers, HRs, or any specialist who works data and reporting, and of course, any manager, from a line manager to C-level executives. We have specialized training for all of the categories listed above. Upon completion of training, all the participants get our certificate.

What will you gain by completing our data science classes?

So, what actual knowledge and skills do trainees receive after completing Atton Institute's short-term data science courses? These are as follows:

  • Form a clear understanding of the digital data environment and its influence on business
  • Tools to change continuous improvement
  • Get expertise in developing and executing a digital transformation strategy
  • Learn how to implement and evaluate digital transformation initiatives
  • Leverage any new technologies to propel the organization forward in the digital era
  • Learn how to make decisions based on data analysis
  • Measure business efficiency with metrics
  • Convert data into actionable information and knowledge

Upon completing this training, participants will gain practical, valuable knowledge regarding the collection, processing, storage, and analysis of commercial data and decision-making based on them.

Important Aspects of Data Science Courses from the Atton Institute

1. Why course from Atton?

As in all other classes, in these data science courses, we apply our own Atton LPI Learning Methodology©. Thanks to it, students efficiently assimilate a large amount of data. Our course is both for beginners and experienced professionals. The course material on the website has a concentrated form, and it takes five days to master it in our intensive course.

2. Choose the best data science course for yourself

All the information about the educational materials, the program, the time, place, and date of the data science course, and payment options is available on our website. However, if you need help with your choice, you can always contact our support department; they will help you choose the course that suits your position and your goals exactly and describe all the features for each class on our platform.

3. Payment and cost

We offer several payment options for our data science courses: bank transfer, check, or cash at our office. There is a discount system on our website. In case of early booking, you get a discount of about 10-15% and about 20% in case of very early booking. The payment option does not matter in this case.

4. Certification

Everyone who completes the data science course gets a certificate. The document is protected with several specific elements, and anyone can check its authenticity in our office or by using the checking form on our website.

5. Course registration process

It takes four simple steps to register for a data science course:

  1. Visit our site and choose the best educational option.
  2. Choose a convenient class date (each course is conducted at least three times a year).
  3. Pass the registration procedure for the course. You can do that by filling in the online registration form or by phone.
  4. Get the bill from our manager and pay it.

When you complete all these steps, the registration process is finished, and you can prepare for your training.


So what are data science courses from Atton Institute in Dubai? These are short (3 to 5 days) group classes conducted in one of the best hotels in the city. During the training, students will master modern knowledge in data analysis, get acquainted with the best practices of top-level specialists in this field, and find new contacts that will help develop and expand business in Dubai, UAE.

We offer practically helpful and applicable techniques in data analysis based on the best experience of our tutors, recognized professionals in this field. Besides, by completing our data analytics courses, you will receive a certificate, confirming your professional level.

So, do you want to become a professional in business analytics & data analysis, gain knowledge in business intelligence, or start the company digitalization process? Our short-term data analysis course is just what you need. The Atton Institute is waiting for you.