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Business Analytics courses in Dubai, UAE

Who should enroll in business analytics courses? In today's data-driven market, every professional could benefit from business analytics knowledge. Our business intelligence and data analytics courses in Dubai cater to a broad range of roles - from decision-makers to data enthusiasts. By understanding and harnessing data trends, you can effectively drive strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge. Maximize your career potential with our insightful and practical business analytics courses in Dubai.

Courses in Dubai
Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE GS-072
5 Aug - 9 Aug, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE BU-096
26 Aug - 30 Aug, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-072
4 Nov - 8 Nov, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE MA-004
18 Nov - 21 Nov, 2024 4 Days
Dubai, UAE BU-096
16 Dec - 20 Dec, 2024 5 Days

Business Analytics Courses in Dubai

Our business analytics courses are aimed primarily at business analysts. These specialists are the link between business management and the IT sector. Business analytics mainly aims to identify problems and improve business processes to make the company more efficient and profitable. They analyze data using various methods such as statistical analysis, modeling, expert judgment, and machine learning to find optimization opportunities. The following qualifications are required to work as a business analyst:

  • deep understanding of data analysis;
  • ability to apply various methods and tools for data analysis, including statistical methods and machine learning;
  • understanding of business processes, including their interrelation and impact on business functioning;
  • experience working with large amounts of information, including the ability to work with various databases and store information in the cloud;
  • excellent communication skills to cooperate with a variety of stakeholders, including managers, clients and colleagues;
  • ability to work in a team and collaborate with other professionals such as data analysts, economists, and software developers.

In addition, a business analyst must be able to adapt to new technologies and trends in data analysis, so regular training and self-development are an integral part of this profession. Developing the skills listed above is exactly what we do in business analytics short courses at the Atton Institute.

Did you know? Most companies analyze no more than 12% of their data.

The importance of business analytics in a project

So, how can business analytics courses help a business? Business analytics in a project or company can be compared to the oil in an engine: it ensures that everything runs smoothly and accurately, ensuring maximum productivity. This specialist identifies existing problems and obstacles in business processes and then uses this knowledge and technology to solve the issues, considering the interests of different parties.

For example, a business analyst may conduct market research and competitor analysis to determine products, features and functions that may attract more users. He can also conduct surveys and interview users to define their opinions about the product and identify shortcomings.

Additionally, a business analyst works with stakeholders such as product managers, developers, designers, and users. This specialist interacts with each party to determine their requirements and desires and creates a shared vision for the product that meets all stakeholders' interests. For example, a business analyst may hold meetings with product managers and developers to discuss product capabilities and limitations and with designers to discuss design and user interface.

Additionally, a business analyst can provide user training to help them better understand and use the product most effectively. This specialist can also provide reports and analytics that help product managers and management make more informed decisions. Thus, the business analyst is the liaison between the various parties, ensuring that all requirements and desires are considered in creating a shared vision for the product.

To do all this and do it efficiently, any specialist must undergo the appropriate professional training – business analytics courses.

Who should take business analytics courses?

So, our short business analytics courses are intended for:

  • People without experience with a minimum special knowledge – beginners in business analytics.
  • Experienced analytical professionals who want to update their knowledge and learn from the experience of other specialists.
  • Anyone who wants to improve own skills or move to a new position as a business analyst.
  • Government employees.

And all those responsible for making management decisions since knowledge and skills in business analytics will help do this more efficiently.

What will you get by taking business intelligence and data analytics courses?

Upon completion of our business analytics courses, the students get:

  • Strong structured foundation in data analytics and BI.
  • Master the use of special tools for data collection and analysis.
  • Master data visualization techniques.
  • Gain experience in creating various mathematical models that predict future outcomes.
  • Learn to use data analytics to improve company productivity.
  • Gain skills in using business intelligence and data analysis software.
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a data analyst.
  • Master the skills of turning data into actionable and actionable insights.

You will also receive a document confirming your new professional level – a certificate.

Choosing the best business analytics courses – courses from Atton Institute

Why are business analytics courses from Atton Institute one of the best options available in the UAE market? Here are the main reasons in favor of our product:

Shortest possible time

We use our original educational methodology – Atton LPI. Thanks to it, students learn a vast amount of material in the shortest possible time – from 3 to 5 days (depending on the course). At the same time, we offer only relevant and practical applicable techniques, practices, and methods – everything you can immediately use in your work.

2. Great choice

In addition to BA (business analytics) courses, we also offer some other classes for various specialists: marketers, managers of all levels, financiers, sales and customer service specialists, logisticians, accountants, HR, and many others. In total, there are about 120 courses. Each course is repeated several times a year so that you can choose a time convenient for you. All necessary information about the BA training courses is presented on our website.

3. Payment and discounts

We offer several payment options: cash, check, or bank transfer. The price of the course is indicated in the description and does not depend in any way on the form of payment. If you book the course in advance, you receive a discount: about 10% when you book a course 25 days or more in advance and about 20% when you book a course 70 days or more in advance. Depending on the specific course, the discount amount may vary slightly.

5. Quick registration

So, having chosen a course, you must go through a simple registration procedure. All the students provide their personal and contact information. This can be done either by filling out a special form on the website or by phone to our manager. The procedure takes from 3 to 5 minutes. After this, you will receive an invoice for payment, which must be paid in any convenient way. That's all! In any case, our support managers are ready to help you at all stages.


Thus, we can conclude that the business analytics courses in Dubai from Atton Institute:

  • Ensure quick results from 3 to 5 days, depending on the specific course. We offer only the most relevant, practically applicable, and effective methods, techniques, and practices that are guaranteed to have effect.
  • Convenient and comfortable learning atmosphere. We conduct our training at one of the best hotels in the city. Our classes are held in small groups of up to 10 people.
  • The authors of our courses are practicing professionals who offer you their original methods and developments.
  • Convenient payment and discount system. You choose the form of payment that is convenient for you, and if you book early, you receive a significant discount.
  • Powerful support system at all stages, from choosing the optimal course to obtaining a certificate.

Courses from the Atton Institute are one of the best educational products in the vocational training market in Dubai, UAE.