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Administration & Support courses in Dubai, UAE

Who are the administration courses in Dubai for? Modern offices constantly feel the need for such specialists as office managers, secretaries, and administrative staff. With the growing number of registered companies in free zones, this trend remains, businesses need administrators, and professional courses will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills so that you can apply for these positions.

Courses in Dubai
Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE GS-038
1 Jul - 3 Jul, 2024 3 Days
Dubai, UAE CO-050
1 Jul - 5 Jul, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-025
12 Aug - 16 Aug, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE AD-074
30 Sep - 4 Oct, 2024 5 Days
Dubai, UAE AD-075
1 Oct - 4 Oct, 2024 4 Days

Administration and secretarial courses in Dubai, UAE

Here you can find the information about our office administration and secretarial courses and masterclasses for administrative clerks and secretaries which are held in Dubai: course descriptions, information on certificates, dates and all the other important details. Use our filter to find our courses or classes in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other locations, as well as other certified trainings in the UAE.

What is the office administration course all about?

Office-managers, admins, secretaries, and other support personnel are an essential part of modern companies of any kind. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to underestimate the importance and value of a qualified office assistant and a secretary and as a result the role of administration and secretarial courses, classes, and seminars in professional development of these specialists. Both in a free zone and on the mainland in Dubai and other cities of the UAE, every company needs well-trained and effective administrative clerks, who are well familiar with local specifics and know the best modern practices in office administration. The work of an office manager is not noticeable at first glance, but it’s like oil in the engine – the operation of the whole mechanism depends on its quality. Atton Institute administration and secretarial courses and training in Dubai provide the professional administrators and secretaries with the best techniques that make them matchless for their companies.

At the office administration and secretarial course from the Atton Institute, training participants learn in a short time the key skills that help them to utilize the resources effectively, manage their time efficiently, and communicate and interact with others more clearly. These administrative support courses offer various tools to help one to improve the valuable office management competencies to become the top-level specialist in this area.

Who are these office administration and secretarial courses for?

Our office administration and company secretary courses are intended primarily for office managers, admins, executive assistants, and secretaries. Typically, these specialists are assigned the number of various tasks; therefore such a position requires specific skills and quite a strong responsibility. An office administration specialist usually performs manager’s functions, for example, controlling a working efficiency an organization, planning, scheduling, and organizing provision of office employees with consumables, keeping order in the office, controlling such services as couriers, drivers, etc. Sometimes an executive assistant is charged with some tasks on advertising and PR, for example, ordering souvenirs for partners and clients, interacting with advertising agencies, and other partners. Sometimes this specialist organizes corporate parties and other events. So, an office assistant should have a fairly wide range of competencies: basic business communication competencies, stress, task and time management experience, the ability of goal setting, and even the elements of business analysis, staffing, and leading and a specialized course is the best way to obtain those.

Surely, administrative training courses and seminars cannot replace a full-fledged MBA/DBA course, but to cope with typical daily routines, an executive assistant or admin doesn’t need it, an office admin position does not require a degree in business administration. But the basic competencies listed above are needed to perform professional duties more effectively.

What benefits can one get by completing administration and secretarial courses in Dubai?

Every office in both a new company and that of already existing one constantly feels the need for such specialists as office assistants, secretaries, and other administrative personal. With the growing number of registered companies in free zones, this trend remains topical. With the help of our specialized training secretarial courses in Dubai for office administration clerks, you will help you gain the necessary knowledge required to apply for any positions concerned with office work.

A well-trained and educated executive assistant who has completed our office administration and secretarial courses can greatly support business and become an effective engine that moves the organization to its goals. At Atton Institute, we provide short professional training and courses for administrative professionals that equip office managers with the competencies necessary for the overall excellence.

Here is the list of benefits you will get by completing our office administration and secretarial courses:

  • Topical and practical competencies and experience based on the best and the most effective practices in this area;
  • You become a certified professional upon completing our course. This certificate is your additional advantage at labor market;
  • The time-effective solution of professional development program at our course ensuring the training result.

Certification Courses in office administration from Atton Institute

All Atton Institute courses, classes and workshops for executive assistants and administrative clerks are approved by Dubai KHDA authority and are designed and delivered as per the applicable standards and regulations of the UAE and various professional international certification and regulatory bodies such as the ATD (Association for Talent Development, USA), SHRH (USA and MENA), CPE Standards (Standards for Continuing Education, USA), CPD (Continuing Professional Development Standards, UK), PMI (USA) and others.

Ongoing professional development is imperative in today’s world. Atton Institute courses are achievement-oriented and provide the perfect balance of time dedicated to education vs. knowledge delivered within this time. One of the key elements for achieving this is the implementation of the top practices and models for professional education. These standards and models secure a professional and structured delivery of course materials, which are competently designed with the latest methodologies of adult education and professional development. Our work is to advance others via education and to inspire the most forward-thinking talents around the globe.

Atton Institute’s memberships and accreditations ensure the ongoing alteration and adaption of our training materials and praxis to form a truly productive and efficient educational environment. Additionally, all of our specific courses have the status of being acknowledged under the standards of the relevant international certification governing entities.

Important information on our office administration and secretarial courses and classes

  1. Why Choose the Atton Institute course for administrative assistants?

    We use the best and latest educational practices and approaches in secretarial and administration jobs. All of our courses and training for office assistants are designed using our unique Atton LPI Learning Methodology© which guarantees the delivery of extensive knowledge over a short time period with an easy-to-understand approach. All training materials in our courses are unique combinations of fundamental and systematic knowledge, practical studies and real-life implementation elements.

    Our courses in office administration last for 3, 4, or 5 days, and during this time we manage to provide our participants with the competencies which are commonly delivered over a much longer period of time – thus truly saving your time and money.

  2. Choosing the right course for administrative assistants

    You can find the full information on each of our administration and secretarial courses going to its page. A course description (content), information on date and schedule, certification and all the other important data can be here.

    In case you can’t choose the best course for yourself, you can get in touch with our SUPPORT DEPARTMENT to get additional information.

  3. Certificate upon completion of our administration and secretarial courses

    Each course participant obtains the Atton Institute Course Completion Certificate, which is protected by means of several authentication elements. Each of these documents can be additionally verified by contacting our administrative office or via the special online authenticity check system on our website.

  4. Who are our trainers at our courses for administrative staff?

    Our trainers are qualified experts with extensive real-world knowledge and training competencies. They ensure that the information you gain in our courses can be immediately put into practice as soon as you return to work.

    Our courses and training programs are built around the very latest best practices under the Atton Institute Learning Methodology©. Our trainers are knowledgeable practitioners; they are in a position to reply to essentially all of your queries; thus, by the time you complete your course, you will have a wide-ranging understanding and competence on the topics involved. All our trainers are duly certified according to the applicable UAE regulations and possess various diplomas, and acknowledgments.

Five Easy Steps to register for our administrative assistant course

  1. Choose your course (feel free to get in touch with us for support).
  2. Select the desired date and location of the course.
  3. Proceed with course registration (online or via e-mail or phone).
  4. Upon registration, you will receive an invoice to finalize the registration.
  5. Upon payment of the Admission Fee, your course registration is completed.

Each of our courses for executive assistants and admins is repeated a certain number of times over the year, and thus you have the option to choose the most suitable date for you. If you wish to benefit from the option of a course discount, be sure to register in advance.