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Professional VIP Service Training Courses in Abu Dhabi for Mastering the UAE Market

The essence of the term "VIP-clients" is simple. This group is usually referred to people who are most significant for the company. The criteria of importance may be different, but most often marketers recall the Pareto law, which says that 20% of such customers generate 80% of the profits. That is why special offers, bonuses, and additional discounts are always developed for them.

VIP clients are a specific group of buyers who are used to being loved, all their tastes and preferences are known; company employees are happy with their calls and are upset at their long absence. Working with them requires a serious approach, and if it comes to you without mistakes or with minimal errors, then you will undoubtedly achieve success and popularity among competing companies.

What do they study at professional VIP service training courses?

In order for VIP clients to be satisfied with a service, the actions of your manager must strictly follow the rules:

  • Create an elite club. Try to make something unique for a special customer group. For example, develop a presentation of new products and show it only to this part of customers. Thus, they will express their opinion, which will affect your actions to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Discount systems. Promotions and discounts in the company – a natural process, but if you work with VIP-clients, then the bonus system should be appropriate.
  • Only an individual approach. If a regular client can communicate with any specialist in the matter of setting up or signing a contract, then the most influential client should know his manager practically by sight, even by phone.

Personal manager

Today, a huge number of clients prefer cooperation only on the terms of personal service. This directly applies to VIP-clients. This approach has the following advantages:

  • Any problems will be solved individually since each client has a personal manager.
  • A client can contact his or her phone or email manager at any time.
  • A personal manager sees all customer messages online and responds promptly.
  • All correspondence history is saved and, if necessary, it can be viewed in a separate window.

Why the UAE?

The UAE is one of the world leaders among the countries with the millionaire-residents. Not only rich sheiks live here, but also wealthy entrepreneurs who do business in free zones, as well as highly paid specialists. Here you can achieve success in selling luxury goods. The constant growth and development of a local market make it very promising for foreign investors. Many local customers are eligible for VIP.

But, besides the general rules for working with this segment, it is important to take into account regional culture and mental features. Working with VIP clients is difficult, but very profitable, and to help you master these segments, we recommend visiting Abu Dhabi professional VIP service training courses.