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Who and Why Needs Project Management Courses in Abu Dhabi?

If you are not a certified project manager, you probably do not understand why every manager has to know the basics of project management. The fact is that you most likely have to deal with this, to one degree or another, even if your position does not directly imply PMP. As practice shows, any manager manages some projects, large or small, independently, or as part of teamwork.

Of course, you should not immediately look for an opportunity to obtain PMP certification after completing a specialized course and training, but still, if you learn the basics and familiarize yourself with at least the main principles, this will help you act more efficiently. Here is what you can get at the best project management course.

What can a project management training course in Abu Dhabi, give you?

  • Getting to know the basics of PMP will improve your ability to manage projects. Perhaps the most obvious reason to learn the basics of project management is that it will help you work more successfully. Your team has goals for the month, quarter and year. To achieve these goals, you need to carry out projects and meet deadlines. Whatever your team does, any task consists of several stages and is solved by people. Learning the basics of project management will help you complete any projects.
  • You will get a competitive advantage. Understanding the basic principles of project management and the ability to put them into practice in various situations will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Mastering the basics of project management, you will learn how to assess risks and notice errors and danger signals in time. You will also improve your organizational skills, ability to make plans and solve problems.
  • You will strengthen your interpersonal skills. Communication is a tool to help to lead a team. If your team members have problems with communication, you can apply a few basic ideas from the project management course to build collaboration and teach subordinates to work together more effectively. Another element of effective project management is the ability to feel the mood in the team. If you learn to notice that one of the participants is overloaded and delegate responsibilities when necessary, subordinates will trust you and are more willing to ask for help.
  • You will become more flexible. Things not always go according to your plan. Timing shifts, expectations change, sometimes you are short in resources. Knowledge of the basics of project management will prepare your team for unexpected changes, and when the plans break down, you will not panic and start to deal with the consequences. Once changes cannot be avoided, you have to be ready for them.
  • You will learn how to evaluate the performance of your team. Analysis of the situation and the desire to understand the causes of failures will help you learn a lesson for the future. Having studied the basics of project management, you will be able to monitor the performance of your team members and evaluate it correctly, which is very important for successful development. In addition, as a manager, you can always provide evidence that your team is seriously working to achieve the goals.

The UAE is already in the top of the world ranking of economies in terms of growth rates, tens of thousands of projects in the field of infrastructure development, innovative technologies, international events such as Expo 2020 are at different stages of implementation. The UAE and its capital Abu Dhabi need qualified specialists who know how to manage projects.