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What Do People Study at Business Management Courses in Abu Dhabi?

So, what should a good manager know and be able to do for a company to be successful? The issue of the knowledge of a manager concerns many people, and the following questions regularly arise: Is it art or science? Is it possible to make out a professional manager of any person, or are leaders born? What can be learned at management courses and leadership training?

Much attention is given to the issues of determining the set of knowledge, skills, personal and business qualities that managers should have. Many scientists, representatives of various schools involved in the development of methods and forms of production management, tried to formulate the basic requirements that must be met by an ideal manager.

Knowledge should be not only theoretical but also practical, obtained in the process of working in the real sector of the economy. The total amount of the set of theoretical and practical knowledge and the correspondence of knowledge in various fields of science and technology, economics, organization of production and management required for the implementation of qualified leadership, depends on the management functions performed by the manager. The larger is the unit led by a manager; the greater is the set of knowledge this person must have. The amount of knowledge required by a manager in various fields of science depends on which sector of production he manages.

What knowledge can be obtained at business management courses in Abu Dhabi?

There are four functions that a manager should be able to perform – planning, organization, motivation, control.

Many managers work with numbers, building forecasts and multi-factor development models. The construction logic and optimization system is the thing a manager should be able to do if necessary. Basic computer knowledge, logic, and general developmental subjects are the minimum of exact sciences that a manager should know.

Financial management, investments, macroeconomics – minimal knowledge in these subjects is necessary for any manager.

Managers continuously work with people, so knowledge of the sociological sciences is also a must, as well as psychology, management, influence, sociological factors, bases of PR and NLP.

Knowledge of philosophy allows you to look at things from different angles of view, as well as to find non-standard solutions to various issues.

Of course, specialized knowledge of the industry in which you work is also required.

This is the knowledge that any manager should have. After all, this person works with the solution of complex tasks, he/she should be able to analyze, find the right solution to any often complex issues, be able to pick up employees in a team, work with people in a team, set tasks and manage the process, control task performance.

As for the UAE, good prospects for managers are opening up for the manager – hotels, restaurants, shops, production and service companies, experienced and qualified managers are needed by everyone, and business management courses in Abu Dhabi will allow you not only to master all the necessary skills but also to get acquainted with features of the local market.