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Where is the Best Place to Learn Smart Technologies? At Training Courses in Abu Dhabi

The SMART technology is a modern approach to setting working goals, which makes it possible to summarize all available information at an early stage, designate acceptable timelines for work, determine the adequacy of resources, and provide clear and specific tasks to all participants of the process.

The term “SMART” itself was introduced in 1954 by Austrian author of the theory of management, Peter Drucker. It is not even a word, but an abbreviation, which includes five signs of a goal: S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, R – Realistic (relevant, correlated with other tasks), Time-determined.

In the modern world, the list of areas that require the introduction of smart technologies covers all the urban economy and infrastructure, without exception: transport, analytics, communications, energy, safety, ecology, environmental monitoring and much more. Today, the IT sphere penetrates all aspects of people's lives, new technologies offer fundamentally different possibilities, including in urban planning.

In the Gulf countries, in the UAE in particular, the concept of "smart city" is already being actively implemented. The main purpose of the use of a “smart city” is to increase the level of comfort and quality of life in cities due to the “digitalization” of processes and saving resources. The very concept of a smart city combines various factors of urban development into a single system. Moreover, this concept appriciates the role of artificial intelligence, communication and information technologies, social and environmental potential as a resources for the development and competitiveness of the city.

What are the short classes for smart technology in Abu Dhabi for?

As part of the concept of introducing SMART-technologies into all spheres of public life in the country, they plan to transfer all government services into an electronic online format; create a fully automated transportation system; make access to free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the country; and introduce technologies into the development of the data economy, which will make a significant contribution to the country's total GDP. The foundation for these outstanding projects will be the telecommunications network, which will be one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

At smart technologies training courses in Abu Dhabi, you can learn the basics of introducing such technologies into various business areas and some regional features of this process. The UAE has developed and is introducing a system for the gradual advancement of smart technologies in key sectors of the economy; various infrastructure projects related to smart technologies are already at various levels of implementation. So foreign investors have a good opportunity to join this process and gain invaluable experience, do not miss your chance.