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What Do Office Managers Learn at Administration Courses in Abu Dhabi?

The vast majority of new companies registered in the free zones of the UAE work in the trade or service sector, therefore the demand for office staff, including the administrative management staff, remains consistently high in this country. Employers are actively looking for office managers, secretaries, administrators. But to tell the truth, the requirements for applicants for such positions are quite high. Here we consider the core competencies that an office manager must have in order to get the desired job in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate.

What competencies are needed for an office manager?

In fact, an office manager occupies a management position, and the primary responsibilities of such specialist include coordination of the operation of all workflow support services. The better this employee works; the fewer problems are with the functioning of an office. The specific work responsibilities of an office manager depend on the size of a company. The management model, the direction of an enterprise, the way of maintaining the workflow – all this influences the work of an office manager.

The head of the office should be familiar with the basics of management and office management, know the rules and regulations for using office equipment and safety standards, understand the principles of supply and planning methods. Of course, it is not possible to get these skills and knowledge quickly and easily, so candidates with work experience have an advantage.

Personal qualities are essential: responsibility, a high degree of self-discipline, diligence, perseverance, erudition, patience, stress resistance.

An office manager should have a fairly wide range of competencies, so the administration and secretarial courses and seminars include professional training in the following areas:

  • Management. Work streamlining in an office as a whole; work with office staff (administrators, secretaries, cleaners, drivers, couriers); organization of meetings and briefings; planning activities to ensure the safe operation of an office.
  • Administration. Organization of the office structure; office management; distribution of documentation by the department; organization of reception and distribution of business correspondence.
  • Economic security. Organization of procurement of materials and equipment; providing all necessary to office employees; maintaining the work of all systems.
  • Controlling. Audit, inventory of material values; certification of employees; monitoring the status of office equipment and communications
  • Reporting. The main responsibility in this area is to prepare reports for the supervisor.

The UAE is a country of expatriate opportunities, office managers and administrators can find good career growth opportunities here, but this will require quite a lot of competencies, and you can take your first step to success with administration courses in Abu Dhabi.