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What Do They Offer to Foreigners on Training Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Good education and a degree in a specific field of professional activity is the key to a successful career, as well as confidence in the future for the whole country where such a specialist will work. The UAE government has made a bid on diversification of the economy and therefore seeks to attract as many highly qualified employees as possible to work in local companies. Ideal conditions for professional education are created here in the Emirates – universities, institutes, private educational centers, courses, seminars, and training. There are even specialized free zones in the UAE intended to develop the field of vocational training. There are public and private universities, as well as branches of various universities from around the world.

In the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular, you will find a world-class education, the branches of all the world's leading universities are located in the country, and the cost of training is often lower than in the central departments, although the quality of education and the curriculum are pretty much the same. Education, in most cases, is conducted in English. There is also a relatively developed market for vocational training for working professionals – short term or part-time training courses in Abu Dhabi in the areas of sales, marketing, management, customer service, HR, etc.

Hundreds of new companies of trading, industrial, consulting, IT, research, and financial profile are registered in the free zones of the UAE every year. The demand for highly qualified specialists who are familiar with modern trends in the economy grows day by day. It’s easier to get a diploma in Abu Dhabi than in Europe or the United States, and besides, you will have no problems finding a well-paid and prestigious job. In addition to their professional skills, courses and training will familiarize you with the peculiarities of working in the local market and the local mentality, and this will give you an additional advantage in finding a job in this country.

If you are considering vocational training in the country, but do not have a resident visa, that is, you are not working in the country, you will need a student visa. The country has a developed market for consulting services. Turning to a consulting company, you can easily and quickly resolve this issue.

Why choose courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

  • As for the cost of education in Abu Dhabi, it is significantly lower than in the EU countries and the USA, but the quality of the training itself is not inferior. On the contrary, the local universities and private institutes invite first-class specialists from different countries. It should be noted that about 85% of the population of the UAE are foreign expats. This multi-ethnic and cultural freedom creates a unique experience for students, allowing them to receive information about the lives of other nations.
  • Choosing to study at local institutions you will always have a free choice of the format of training and educational schedule. Such flexibility is aimed at giving the student more time for self-realization. You can easily combine your training with work.
  • You will not have any problems with obtaining a visa, whether it is a student visa or a resident visa. Visa to the UAE gives the right to move freely around the country and enjoy all the benefits that are available to its citizens, and all this for a reasonable fee.
  • Studying in Abu Dhabi, you can be confident in your future. Diplomas and certificates issued by such educational institutions are highly valued not only in the UAE but also in most other countries. There will be no problems with your career advancement.
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