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Project Management Courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The dynamic conditions of the modern business world, in which we have to work and solve all sorts of tasks, are extremely changeable, and in order to meet this environment we have to look for new ways to solve current problems constantly, and the project-based approach gradually becomes an integral part of the work in any company in any industry. (Administration, IT, medicine, manufacturing, retail). This determines the importance and relevance of project management (PM) and project management professional (PMP) skills. Those who have completed the specialized education course and have passed the exam from the project management institute (PMI) are of a particular appreciation. The certificate of this organization indicates that a specialist has completed a basic (introduction for beginners) or advanced course, mastered the fundamentals of project management, and meets the requirements for this qualification.

Here we look at some of the basics related to project management, which has to be studied by anyone applying for a position, and planning a career associated with this type of activity, as well as where to find the best cost-effective solution for preparation to a certification exam in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Basis of project management

  • PROJECT VISION. To complete a project successfully, start it from the end, that is, before you start building a plan in details, you must formulate the overall picture of the desired result. The formulation of the project vision and mission helps clarify the expected results or desired state, how the project will be carried out.
  • BUSINESS GOALS. The next step is to create 2-3 project goals or objectives. What is the project carried out for – to increase profits and quantity of sales, customer loyalty, productivity, and personnel values, quality of products/services? Also, it is essential to quantify the execution time. The more precise a project supervision manager or project coordinator formulates this, the better, and the easier it is to control the project development.
  • PROJECT PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. Who will be among the project team members? What is the frequency of team meetings? What are the basic meeting rules? Who is the project owner? All these issues have to be resolved even before the start of work on the project so that to avoid possible, misunderstanding in the future.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT. In the process of ensuring the success and sustainable development of the new initiative, everyone who will have a direct impact on them should be involved. To achieve organizational leveling, constant communication with the project must be communicated to a specific person during the meetings of the project team, when sending e-mail messages, e-learning, during staff training.
  • MEASUREMENT AND TRACKING. How will we determine success? The system of simple, visually displayed indicators is an excellent incentive for the project team members to meet modern standards and their involvement in the project implementation process. The scorecard is an excellent resource for developing a sense of responsibility among employees and managers for the implementation, improvement, and sustainable development of a new initiative or project. Traceability means that the most effective performers will be rewarded, and performers in need of improvements will learn the necessary material.

How to find the certification course for PMP?

The Atton Institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia offers its accredited courses – prep for PMI certification exam for a wide range of customers: In-house coaching for corporate customers, short intensive (2,3,5 days) classes and part-time courses for private customers. The Atton Institute has an appropriate license of a training center, so you will get the desired result, become a certified PMP specialist with a diploma for a reasonable price.

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