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In today's dynamic world of global international competition for resources and markets, where cadres are all-important, the task of human resource management (HRM) is to find and retain valuable employees whose work will ensure the stability and development of any organization. Therefore, the HR manager plays a crucial role in any organization, and the work of the entire company depends on the results of this work. Since the situation in the markets is constantly changing, both HR freshers and experienced professionals continuously have to learn new methods and techniques of human resource management, so specialized courses, training classes, seminars, and workshops will help them in this. Good specialists understand the importance of constant working on their own professional development and continue studying the process until the end of a career. We consider some of the working details in this area.

Scope of HRM and description of HR manager key competencies

What are the basic functions of the HR management professional and required skills? Here is the list of the primary competencies related to HRM:

  • Recruitment and hiring qualified specialists. Recruitment and hiring mean much more than just attracting talented people to an organization. This is also about public relations. In fact, a recruiter is the first person who a candidate communicate with making an opinion about the company based on that.
  • Saving and optimizing human capital assets. The key task of HR-manager is to keep the most valuable employees and optimize the staff to reduce the costs of those who do not make enough profit for a company. HR must use the entire arsenal of methods and means of motivating and rewarding employees, as well as understand how to properly fire out so that this process to pass painlessly for everyone.
  • People management. As a personnel manager, HR may not have direct subordinates, but this specialist has to understand how to manage the employees. HR is usually involved in the organization of training, so certain skills in leadership are required.
  • Multitasking. There are companies (large), where the HR department has only specific functions: recruiting, organizing vocational training, etc., but often HR administrator also acts as an assistant in other tasks, not even directly related to human resources management. Therefore, one must be able to work in multitasking mode and properly planning your working time.

Opportunities for HR training in Saudi Arabia

Many expats live and work in the GCC region; in fact, they constitute the majority in such countries, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman. The workforce market is experiencing growth against the background of the growth of the regional economies. Accordingly, there is a steady demand for certified HR professionals.

In addition, local private training providers offer a wide range of programs for education: short term intensive (3-5 days) certification courses for beginners, after which they receive the appropriate certificate, and part-time training for postgraduate courses for hr generalists with diploma, as well as cheap solutions for corporate clients, with the possibility of individual selection of subjects and programs, for example, in-house training.

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