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Smart Technologies Training Courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Modern high-technologies have long ago penetrated all spheres of our life, including business. Machine intelligence, big data processing, e-brain, artificial intelligence – all this already works and has proven its effectiveness. But the most important thing is that to apply modern high-tech solutions, you do not need to have advanced skills in programming, it is enough to pass certification courses in technologies in Riyadh. The ability to apply modern technologic solutions in your professional activities will be a real impetus to your career.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes popular, it is important to take advantage of this technology. Here are five ways to do it. You can learn how to apply these technologies in specialized courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The use of smart technology in business

  • AI for data collection and analysis. According to forecasts, artificial intelligence will soon replace traditional statistical analysis for the next decade. And the changes will be noticeable not only in the marketing industry. Artificial intelligence is a crucial instrument for large companies having access to a vast amount of consumer data. But it is not less important for small businesses which want to get some useful information from their modest amount of available information. Traditional methods, such as statistical regression analysis, are available for small business with a limited budget, but AI made them accessible and intuitive.
  • AI in hiring employees. A large business has public recognition, a brand name, expanded connections, and great resources to find employees. Besides, they have trained HR specialists who know how to recruit the required candidates as quickly as possible. How can small businesses compete with this? AI equalizes chances in the battle for talented specialists. In recent years recruiters had to browse huge stacks of CVs manually, but now AI now makes this process quick and straightforward. AI and machine learning algorithms determine which previous hiring methods helped to find employees and how you made contacts, and use them in their work. With the help of AI, you can quickly find a specific candidate and detailed information on the work experience and suitability for a particular task of this person. This will improve the employee hiring process, which will help the business to be competitive.
  • AI in improving the quality of service. Companies have never had so many channels to interact with customers. Because of the rapid development of online communication and demanding consumers, it is time to offer new methods for quickly solving customer problems. According to forecasts, we can expect AI to play a crucial role in communicating with customers in the coming years. Chatbots provide benefits to small businesses. Small businesses cannot afford round-the-clock customer service lines.

This is only a small part of the possible applications of modern machine intelligence technologies in business. More information you can get on a specialized course.

The Atton Institute offers you various conditions for professional education in the application of smart technologies in business: in-house training, part-time intensive course (3 or 5 days) with the issuance of an appropriate certificate or diploma. Here you can find the optimal solution for yourself.

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