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Administration courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Over the past few decades, the need for an office manager, administrative and executive assistants has grown significantly, particularly in the GCC region. The development of any business structure at a certain stage requires such a specialist, competence, skills, and experience of which allow solving specific tasks for employees. Thus, administrative professionals help to properly organize the work of staff in the office, freeing management from solving routine tasks and allowing top managers to focus on solving strategic tasks. The work of an administration officer does not require higher education but implies specific secretarial skills and competencies related to management. These competencies can be learned at special courses and training.

What should an office manager know and be able to do?

Internal rules and regulations of each company may have a different description of responsibilities (and, accordingly, competencies) of an office admin, however, there are several basic skills required for each specialist in this field.

  1. Well-developed soft skills. Most of the work of an office administrator is in some way connected with interaction with people; therefore basic soft skills are required: the ability to communicate, plan, basic skills in analyzing and searching for information, etc. In fact, the set of these skills is needed for a successful career in any field, but here it is especially relevant.
  2. Basic management skills. These specialists can carry out some managerial tasks and assist the head of the structural unit in organizational control and supervision duties. Therefore an office administrator will need managerial skills.

Among the typical duties of an office manager are the following:

  • supervision of the entire office work;
  • coordination of all office services (secretaries, couriers, administrators, drivers, technicians, etc.);
  • business correspondence handling;
  • meeting visitors;
  • administrative support of all staff;
  • paperwork, preparing various reports;
  • maintenance of office expenses, payment documents;
  • organization of holidays and other corporate events;
  • ensuring cleanliness and order in the office;

If you feel that one of the listed skills is not sufficiently developed for a particular task, you can take a short specialized class/seminar/training, the topics of which are dedicated to the question of interest to you and quickly get the desired result.

How to become a qualified office manager?

If we are talking about job prospects in the GCC countries, for example, in Saudi Arabia, or the UAE, where there are numerous offices of local and large international companies, the best solution is to complete certification course here and get an appropriate diploma or certificate. Also, local training providers offer solutions for the intensive or part-time study of this specialty, 3-5 days courses, and in-house training, and there are often conferences and seminars in the region, so there are some really interesting options to choose from.

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