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Certified Courses in Saudi Arabia (KSA) by Atton Institute Training Center

A business faces various problems in the course of its development; a company has to solve many issues of various kinds. To remain in trend and keep up with global trends, the staff has to work continuously on their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA), since new technologies, methods, and practices appear almost every day. There is no alternative to courses, training, and seminars in the process of vocational training because a person who works in a company has practically no opportunity to attend a full class at the university. Therefore short intensive courses, private, part-time, and private part-time training come to the fore. Besides the company's management and HRs, employees themselves are also interested in the training, because the presence of certificates and diplomas increases their professional value and positively influences their career development.

Choice of training in Saudi Arabia

Where does the head of a company begin when deciding on personnel training? With goal setting. First of all, you should determine precisely what you want to change in the work of the company, who and how will implement these changes. In other words, identify the need for expanding competence or KSA development. Training can be aimed at developing both professional skills and soft skills, for example, to increase team efficiency and improving communication among employees. It is very important to describe what tasks and how the employees should solve, and accordingly, what new skills the training participants should acquire.

When choosing a course or training, you need to pay attention to several important factors:

  1. Availability of a complete course description on the website or in another source. You must clearly understand what you are buying and where you are sending your people. There must be questions that interest you in the description of the course program.
  2. Availability of certificates and licenses. The training company/institute you have chosen should have appropriate licensing requirements that support its compliance with industry standards; this means they will work with you according to a proven methodology.
  3. Professional level of trainers. Your trainer should ideally be a practicing professional with individual experience in a particular field; that is, the proposed methods, practices, and technologies should be tested in practice and proven to be effective.
  4. The presence of positive customer feedback. If the training center has been working for more than one month (otherwise it is better not to consider the offer, since you will not be able to assess the quality of services before), it should have clients who have already used the product offered to you. It is best to look for these reviews, not on the company's website, but neutral sites, to guarantee maximum objectiveness.

Above all, the effectiveness of the training is influenced by the right choice of the type, topics, programs and training methods, the competent problem statement, the choice of a coach, the motivation of the participants. Of course, one training is not enough to achieve noticeable changes in the skills, social attitudes or behavior of the participants, so organizations must have a well-built personnel training system, which includes, in addition to training, an adaptation system, advanced training courses, a motivation system and much more.

The Atton Institute offers its professional training solutions for corporate clients – short in-house training (3-5 days) on request to improve KSA in marketing, sales, customer care, and others.

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