Powerful Marketing & Sales Strategies for Executives

Powerful Marketing & Sales Strategies for Executives In-House Training Course

Course overview

Course overview

Top executives always keep their focus on the long-term perspectives in marketing and sales as it defines the company’s expansion & success. A well-designed marketing & sales strategy should be your highest priority since it predetermines the way the company is going to develop and grow. Today’s fast-evolving business environment makes this task particularly interesting and challenging.

This Atton Institute course helps business owners, top managers, department heads, CEOs and other executives to build comprehensive strategies for Marketing & Sales growth. It explores the key elements that every leader must possess and covers the essentials of the modern business landscape and how to utilize the most efficient practices within your leadership & strategy execution. It also studies the role of a powerful team, motivation, and engagement in marketing & sales. Rediscover your role as an executive and boost performance on all levels to become a true and indisputable market leader.

Take a fresh look at your work and organization. Learn how to solve issues and vastly improve your leadership results and company efficiency. Equip yourself with knowledge:

  • Know the compulsory professional credentials of today’s successful executive
  • Have the right vision of your actual product value and selling points
  • Review the changing business landscape with a customer-in-focus approach
  • Know how to make your company’s workflow more efficient and productive
  • Understand the key points of every successful marketing & sales strategy
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Middle Management
  • Senior Management
  • Decision-makers who want to create better marketing and sales strategies
What will you gain

What will you gain

Once you have completed this executive course you will enhance your skills and be able to:

  • Create a strategy that exponentially boosts the efficiency of Marketing & Sales
  • Identify your true responsibilities and leadership tasks as an Executive
  • Develop a customer-focused approach for all processes within your organization
  • Study how to monitor clients’ buying decisions and make strategy adjustments accordingly
  • Implement the secret resources in your company that you never knew about
  • Build client service ethics to increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Master the steps of consistent new strategy integration at your company
  • Establish new standards of service to make consumers fall in love with your brand
  • Minimize marketing & sales costs by applying the customer-focused approach
  • Maximize efficiency of your team by applying the best motivation methods
  • Use powerful executive tactics to expressively increase company revenue
Course Content

Key facts


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3 days


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Admission requirements:




Certificate upon successful completion

Course schedule sample one day

08:30 AM  -  10:00 AM  -  First Training Session
10:00 AM  -  10:15 AM  -  Coffee Break
10:15 AM  -  12:00 PM  -  Second Training Session
12:00 PM  -  12:15 PM  -  Coffee Break
12:15 PM  -  02:00 PM  -  Third Training Session
02:00 PM  -  03:00 PM  -  Lunch and Networking
Fees & whats included

Fees & what is included

For the group bookings and special discounts please contact

Admissions Director – Vlad Podolyak

+971 52 684 7088


Vlad Podolyak
  • For early registrations special prices apply as outlined above.
  • All fees are exclusive of VAT. Tax Registration Number : 100312636200003.
  • Companies - register 2 participants for the same course and date and get one place free.
  • Only one type of discount can be applied to the same course & date registration.
  • For larger corporate clients there are special packages. Contact us for details.

At Atton Institute we do our best to ensure that all our courses and trainings are provided with the highest industry standards, are time efficient and praxis related, and bring the best education results. Our courses have the most up-to date info and secure the excellent course fee to value ratio quality.

Course Fee Includes

  • Extensive Workbook with Course Materials
  • Handouts and other Supporting Materials
  • Practical Examples and Various Case Studies
  • Quick Reference/Top Tips Guide
  • Professional & Experienced Instructor
  • Accelerated and Intensive Learning Techniques
  • Relationship Building within Course
  • Post Course Action Plan
  • Index of Additional Suggested Materials
  • Course Completion Certificate
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Coffee Breaks
Free WIFI access

Course certificate

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Course Content

Course content

  • The role of Executive of the future and the obligatory Professional Adjustments
    • Changing business landscape and the essential professional adjustments
    • Increasing “multiple functions” approach in the executives’ scene
    • Improvement of performance of your company via customer in focus approach
  • Customer-focus marketing and sales for successful management results
    • Time to see things differently – close look into the present-day consumer scene
    • Elements which need to be incorporated into successful marketing strategy
    • Seeing marketing value differently – what needs to be changed right away
  • Strategies vs ad hoc actions in the fast-changing business environment
    • Plan – implement - adjust - approach – strategy path in the changing environment
    • Applying methodical approach in the world of changes – key rules to follow
    • Follow the strategy, be ready to adjust – significance of marketing plan review
  • Professional approach in understanding the key factors of successful marketing & sales
    • Examination of your product or service on its real qualities and positioning
    • Evaluation of your competitors – what and how to compare
    • Understanding buying-decision process and accepting the realities
    • True value of customer focused sales as well as after-sales for overall results
  • Importance to educate your team to be able to achieve great performance
    • The Powerful secret resources each company has and how to activate such
    • Sales skills – marketing with customers being truly in focus
    • Business behavior and etiquette skills as the must have for your team
    • Customer service ethics as the motor for sales and customers’ retention
  • Co-ordination of your plan with other departments to make them ready to act with you
    • Elements and factors to perfectly embed your strategy into existing realities
    • Analyzing and employing of your marketing & sales data – use facts only
    • Check list to co-ordinate your plan with other department and existing work flows
  • Seeing your service and products from customer’s prospective
    • Using research techniques to know your consumers and prospects
    • What makes your product different and valuable for your customers
    • Value of your product from the customer standpoint – realities only
    • Building customers trust – what it means in the nowadays scene
  • Your role as the team leader – professional expert’s tips to keep you focused and efficient
    • Inspiring your team to make them and you the indisputable winners
    • Paying attention to true values and working environment
    • Never stop improving yourself – the future is just around the corner
Participant insights

Participant insights

The course was highly beneficial for my job and career. This info will clearly give me the great support for my day-to-day tasks.
Muhammed A. (Senior Auditor)Auditing Company, Dubai.
What I have learned in the course was exactly what I was looking for. Highly clear and pragmatic with perfect guidelines on how to use it at my work.
Antony S. (Manager) Drilling Equipment Company, Abu Dhabi.
A very useful course that provided new insights in the customer behavior and definitely would help me with my communications with customers.
Mario A. (Business Owner) Boutique Shops, Dubai.
Great thanks – one of the best courses I have made.
Brian G. (Projects Coordinator) Events Management Company, Ras Al Khaimah.
Exciting and inspiring course. Helped me to see things differently and re-organize our customer service department.
Abbas H. (Company Manager) Project Engineering, Muscat.
Would really suggest the training to any professional who is in charge of customer care.
Jane A. (General Manager) Real Estate Company, Dubai.
The time spent at course was really enjoyable and useful. Easy to understand and I used part of knowledge the next day after training.
Samira K. (Sales Team) Car Rental, Abu Dhabi.
Was the real great overview on what I shall do to improve in the Customer Service in my business.
Syed H. (Company Owner) Data Storage Solutions, Dubai.
The info I received on the course is the surprise for me. Never though of such simple techniques which help to handle difficult customers conversations.
Gabriela H. (Manager) Call Center, Sharjah.
The training I have chosen was very useful and informative with a number of very useful points. Was well explained by the trainer.
Colin G. (General Manager) Safety Equipment, Riyadh.
The program was very explanatory and gave me a lot of points to re-think. Would sure make a difference to my work approach.
Gabriela Y. (Supervisor) Call Center, Kuwait.
Would recommend to my team members to attend the same course. It would positively help me to do my job better.
Udo C. ( Department Head) Heavy Machinery Maintenance, Abu Dhabi.
The time spent at the course was the excellent investment – a lot of useful and practical info. Exactly what I was looking for.
Idul R. (Supervisor Sales) Construction Materials, Umm Al Quwain.
It was great idea to join such training. Would be a definite backing in my career development. Thinking of taking more courses – on other subjects.
Cristina R. (Sales Coordinator) Retail Company, Dubai.
The training was a great mixture of information and practical aspects. The instructor was highly professional and the course was organized the excellent way.
Samaa J. (Projects Manager) IT Solutions, Oman.
I really liked the scope and the style of the training – very friendly, a lot of communication and highly informative.
Stefan L. (Client Relationships) Insurance Company, Doha.
It was a great idea to join such training. All members of our team shall complete it. A lot of new points and useful hints.
Burcu W. (Marketing Head) Corporate Banking, Abu Dhabi.
Was really pleased by the content of the course and qualifications of the instructors. Got a lot of useful points for my business.
Marty Z. (General Manager) Travel Company, Dubai.
Great trainer and perfect information materials. Was really worth to attend. A lot of insights and ideas on how to improve job performance.
Daniel D. (PR Officer) Private Hospital, Muscat.
As we were in the process of restructuring of our call center this training was just perfect for the time. Remarkable and valuable suggestions and solutions.
Joselito B. (Marketing Department) E-commerce, Dubai.
The course was very beneficial and practical for my duties. Handling complicated customers from now on would be easier. Great instructor. Perfect training venue.
Amira Z. (Sales Manager.) Designer Apparel, Abu Dhabi.
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We use the best and latest educational praxis. All of our courses and trainings are designed using our unique Atton LPI Learning Methodology© which guarantees the delivery of extensive knowledge over a short time period with an easy-to-understand approach. All course materials are absolutely unique and are the combination of fundamental and systematic knowledge, practical studies and real-life implementation elements.

We deliver in our 3- to 5-days trainings knowledge and skills which are commonly delivered over a much longer period of time – thus truly saving our participants time and money.

Each course has a comprehensive description and content breakdown, which means you can easily check how a certain training may fit your expectations and requirements.

If your aim is to obtain the most wide-ranging overview in a certain area of expertise, we commonly suggest that you choose one of our popular trainings in the relevant category. The popular trainings cover the widest scope in each area and for this reason they are greatly valued by our participants.

If you need help in choosing the best course for you, please get in touch with our STUDENTS SUPPORT DEPARTMENT.

There are various payment options – cheque, cash, and bank transfer. It is essential to note that the earlier you register, the larger the applicable discount on your admission fee.

For details on the available discounts and special training admission fees, please see the section “Course fees and discounts” on the course page.

Each course participant obtains the Atton Institute Course Completion Certificate, which is protected by means of several authentication elements. Each Atton Course Certificate can be additionally verified by contacting our administrative office or via the special online authenticity check system on our website.

Professional, up-to-date expertise is one of the most powerful elements of success in the modern business and career environment.

Our Courses and Trainings are highly useful for business owners, management and employees at all levels and provide, in a highly effective way, current and solid professional development qualifications and skills combined with practical real-life essentials.

  • Choose your course (feel free to get in touch with us for support).
  • Select the desired date and location of the course.
  • Proceed with course registration (online or via e-mail or phone).
  • Upon registration, you will receive invoice to finalize the registration.
  • Upon payment of the Admission Fee, your course registration is completed.

Each training is repeated a certain number of times over the year, and thus you have the option to choose the most suitable date for you. If you wish to benefit from the option of a course fee discount, be sure to register in advance.

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