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Course Calendar – Atton Institute Training Center
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Course Calendar – Atton Institute Training Center

Atton Institute offers an extensive range of professional courses and programs in the UAE and abroad. The courses are scheduled in such a way that each one is repeated several times a year. Some of the more popular trainings are scheduled more often for our trainees’ convenience – so that you can find the course schedule which best suits your timetable.

This section provides a practical overview of our courses and the dates on which they are held. Using this feature, our trainees can choose the schedule which is most suitable for them and then register for the respective courses.

Please consider the fact that our trainings in the UAE are in high demand, and thus availability of a certain course in our calendar does not necessarily mean that there are still vacant seats. Therefore, we suggest timely registration, and, if no seats are available, to ask our administration team to put you on the waiting list or to register for the next course date instead.

Please also note that while some courses are offered more often, some are offered only once or twice a year. Thus, for the educational events held less frequently, please make your reservation well in advance.

In the event you have any questions about when a specific course will be held next or about our trainings, please contract our admin team in Dubai – we are here to answer all your questions.

You also have the option to request our printed materials to be sent to you so that you will have the entire corporate courses overview as well as the dates of our courses and programs. There is also a .pdf version of our trainings available in the download section of our website. However, please take into account the fact that the .pdf version of the calendar may be slightly outdated as, in case of any changes, such changes will be made on the website first.

Possible changes and amendments in the course calendar

Even though great effort has been made to prepare the present course timetable as accurately as possible, there may be some alterations in the schedule during the year. In the event of such changes, we will notify you promptly.

When registering for our business courses as specified within our calendar, please take into consideration the applicable policies on registration and cancellation deadlines as well as possible early registration discounts and other available packages. To see this info, please check the “Common Questions” section on our webpage – sub-section “Registration / Payments”.