Career Development Seminars Will Help to Work on Self-development

Career Development Seminars Will Help to Work on Self-development

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Career Development Seminars Will Help to Work on Self-development

Career is a long-term project in the life of any person. First of all, you have to decide which area you want to make a career in. Numerous career path training seminars, which have appeared recently, are aimed to help people to solve this problem.

Many people work for years in the same company, but they cannot rise through the ranks. The prospect of career growth is more important than salary growth for those ambitious people (although, as a rule, these factors are interrelated). In medium-sized, small businesses and organizations, career prospects are limited.

The career seminar definition can be formulated as follows: this is a special type of a seminar where the issues concerned with a career promotion are considered: self-development, self-presentation, self-analysis, self-training, etc.

Numerous career seminar for students and for adults, which are held regularly in Dubai, the UAE, consider in detail these and other problems and ways to achieve the set goals.

What are the main topics of the career development seminar

As a rule, the program of such a seminar is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, HR managers and anyone who wants to move up the career ladder, fully realizing their talents and abilities (that is, almost anyone).

Several important aspects of self-development and career advancement are considered within the framework of the seminar, here is an example of typical career seminar topics:

  • Career planning. Stages of career coaching: setting and clarifying goals, working with resources, planning actions, implementing a plan for change.
  • Building short-term and long-term career plans. Drawing up plans for the implementation of goals.
  • Work with resources (time, education, finance, work experience, business connections, etc.).
  • Disclosure of abilities to achieve success.
  • Investigation of potential, resources, limitations, and efficiency in the professional sphere of the client.
  • Research on your own uniqueness.
  • Image and personal brand.
  • Presentation skills for yourself and your own services.
  • Market analysis and search for a niche.
  • Career. Types and stages of career development. Features of career planning in the UAE.
  • How to solve problems and how to work in a crisis.
  • Practical exercises to consolidate work skills.

This is a very approximate list of topics that are considered at the career seminar; those may be different, depending on the specifics, for example, promotion on the career ladder in sales, which is very relevant in the UAE.

And now a few words about the training methods used in the workshop. At seminars, coaches use the elements of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, business, role-playing and situational games, discussions, group and paired exercises, examining and analyzing cases from practice, conducting independent training sessions with their subsequent analysis and discussion, discussing various aspects of the topic with different points of view.

As a result of participating in a career seminar, you will learn about effective models of career strategies, explore your image, learn how to present yourself and your own services, learn to plan and analyze, get practical work experience.

Career seminars in Dubai, the UAE

One can find quite a lot of offers of career seminar for students and adults in the UAE. Private institutes and business schools organize their career training solutions, and the Atton Institute is one of those.

The more special techniques to promote your career you use, the more likely you will succeed. Visit the career planning seminar at the Atton Institute in the UAE, and you will receive all the necessary tools for development.