Arranging Vocational Education and Training Courses in a Company
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Arranging Vocational Education and Training Courses in a Company

First let us give answers to the following questions: “what is vocational training course and what is it for?” Vocational education (vocational training definition from Wikipedia) is aimed at the development of particular skills, needed to carry out some particular activities (competence). In the past, vocational training courses were only about specific fields of technology, like automotive service, but as for now, the list of vocational training courses is rather wide, it includes such spheres as marketing, management, basics of doing business, customer services, etc. All those are particularly popular in the UAE due to rapid growth of international trading.

In other words, a vocational training course is about a certain field of crafts and nothing else, on the contrary to a university study, where other additional knowledge is given, like theoretical material and even something far away from the topic, like philosophy.

This type of education gains popularity in highly developed countries with a growing demand for specialists in all fields of economy, like the UAE, and numerous vocational training institutes offer their courses to satisfy this demand.

And the answer to a question of “Who are vocational training courses for?” is as follows: these courses are for working professionals who haven’t got much time for their education and are looking for time-efficient solutions which offer a quick result.

Institutes, providing vocational training develop their course programs in such a way, that students get the practical result in the shortest possible time – only useful skills, only techniques having a practical value are provided. In some cases, certificates or diplomas are given at the end of a course, but that is a formality in most cases, as only the knowledge itself is valuable.

Choosing the best option for vocational training

This is a simple sequence of actions, a generalized approach to choosing the optimal solution for vocational training of employees.

  • Statement of the problem. As with any other question, you must start with a problem statement. All further actions will depend on what you need. For example, to promote a new product on the market, and to occupy a certain niche, you will need skills in marketing, and to improve sales, you need to improve sales manager competency.
  • Determining the training form.Understanding what exactly is missing for your task, we turn to the consideration of available solutions:
    • Self-study. Having the desire and time, you can develop a program for professional training by your own. However, this will take quite a lot of time and efforts, and vocational training programs developed by professionals will be more effective, so it's better not to rely on this form of training.
    • Free online vocational training courses (or paid). Now there are quite a few opportunities for distance learning, including remote training from the best specialists in EU and US universities (for example, on the Coursera platform). However, this form still has limitations due to the fact that the classes are conducted remotely.
    • Classical classes – seminars, courses, and training. There are quite a few organizations in the UAE that offer such services – universities, colleges and private business schools. This is the most effective way of teaching, besides there are quite a lot of options from which you can choose the best for yourself.

A complex solution will be an optimal option in choosing courses and training. And the vocational courses list offered, for example, by the Atton Institute for marketers, sales managers, and service specialists is quite long, so you have some good solutions to choose from.