Vocational Studies are the Future of Professional Education in UAE

Vocational Studies are the Future of Professional Education in UAE

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Vocational Studies are the Future of Professional Education in UAE

The definition of vocational and technical education can be formulated as follows: vocational training is such kind of education, at which students get specific knowledge and skills in a particular field. These courses, classes, and workshops can be dedicated practically to any technical, economic or other spheres.

Vocational studies (courses, seminars, etc.) is the next logical step in the professional development of a working specialist after completing university education. But vocational courses pretty much differ from the university courses, since the audience consists of the ready-made professionals, having some working experience in a specific field, besides vocational studies are more time-effective compared to university programs. The importance of vocational education and its role in successful company development are in no doubt.

Active vocational training methods

Active vocational training methods are widely used in vocational studies as they contribute to the good memorization of information and training of actions. Such methods can be both group and individual. If higher education is required (top managers, directors, etc.), in this case, classes with a personal coach (individual) will be more suitable, and group classes will suit the rest of the staff, since teamwork can be practiced here, and it's easier to organize vocational studies for a group.

Group education methods can be divided into three blocks:

  • Discussion methods: group discussion; the analysis of choice situations; the analysis of practical cases, etc.
  • Game methods: creative games; business or management games; role-playing games, including behavioral learning, game psychotherapy; counterplay.
  • Sensitive training: training of interpersonal sensitivity.

During the training, students study information, analyze specific situations, learn to solve problems, and this is one of the key benefits of vocational education. This helps them to understand all the subtleties better that they will encounter in the performance of work, make informed decisions.

When choosing the methods of organizing vocational training, it is necessary to take into account the current level of training of specialists. If they have worked for a long time, they have a professional background (experience), so short-term forms of courses, as well as lectures, seminars, coaching or training, will suit them. When a general employees retraining is required, they should take full-fledged courses. As a rule, this type of courses combines theory and practice.

It should also be noted that the methods of professional training are effective when an experienced person conducts them. When choosing the methods, one should pay attention to the merits of the trainer, the expert, preferring courses or training that are conducted by a specialist with merit.

Institute of vocational studies in Dubai – the Atton Institute

As for now, the UAE experiences a high demand in top-level specialists in the area of digital marketing, management, international relations and other fields, concerned with international trading, investments and doing business in free economic zones. The following specialists are in high demand in the UAE, so these vocational studies, provided by the Atton Institute are very popular in the country:

  • Administration and support;
  • Communication skills;
  • Customer service;
  • Management and leadership;
  • Personnel Management;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Project management;
  • Smart Technologies;
  • Strategy and planning.

The programs of vocational studies courses are developed in this Institute with the use of unique Teaching Methodology and are aimed at the most effective mastering of material and practical implementation.