Choosing Vocational Courses with Certificate or Associate Degree

Choosing Vocational Courses with Certificate or Associate Degree

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Choosing Vocational Courses with Certificate or Associate Degree

When it comes to the vocational education of adults, there are two possible ways to obtain it.

  • Take a college course and obtain an associate degree;
  • Attend courses in vocational school and obtain a certificate.

Each of these has its benefits and shortcomings, so before making a decision, you should consider them in detail as well as the goals of the study.

Associate degree in some vocational college or school can be considered as the step in a full four or five years college degree, or it can be the only qualification needed for a person to get the desired position. Typically, it takes about two-four years to obtain an associate degree in a college.

What are the benefits of a certificate of vocational education? Of course, the main motive for obtaining such a certificate is as follows: this document confirms your qualification or competence in a certain field.

But surely, the value is not in the document itself, but the knowledge and skills that have been received, and the certificate will serve as a confirmation for an employer. But this is the case if the organization that issued you the certificate itself has a license, that is, the document was given to you by accredited professionals, otherwise, the certificate of professional training will not have the desired effect.

When you apply for a job, as well as when going up the corporate ladder, these documents will also be taken into account.

On the other hand, there is also a psychological effect on it. The certificate itself is a tangible confirmation of your learning process – the goal to which you were going to when you took the professional courses, that is, a tangible confirmation of your efforts. When you buy a product, you receive a sales receipt, the certificate of vocational education is of the same principle – it is your sales receipt for training.

Why choose vocational certificate courses in the UAE?

The main advantage of obtaining a vocational school certificate are as follows: they are very time-effective, and you will get the most valuable practical knowledge and skills. The certificate of vocational courses is the evidence of the high professional level. On the other hand, those, who select associate degree courses, can continue the education in colleges and universities.

One of the main disadvantages of vocational certificate programs is that they limit a student to a particular area, restricting flexibility of education. But that drawback can be ignored if a student is a ready-made specialist, who looks for particular knowledge in some field. Moreover, this can be even an advantage.

And another disadvantage of certificate programs is the limited variety of topics for study, but that can be overcome due to a great number of different organizations offering their services, and they continue to appear.

So, vocational certificate courses are worth to consider!

Vocational certificate programs form the Atton Institute

The Atton Institute has got an educational license and offers several vocational certificate courses in the most demanded areas in the UAE:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Company management;
  • International communication;

Upon completing the course in the Institute, each participant receives a course completion certificate, which has special protection – several elements of authentication, in addition, a certificate issued by the institute can be checked using a special online verification system that is on the site.

Vocational education is the thing you should not save your money for, and a vocational certificate is the logical result of this process.