Vocational Courses for Adults and Training Solutions in the UAE

Vocational Courses for Adults and Training Solutions in the UAE

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Vocational Courses for Adults and Training Solutions in the UAE

Vocational courses have gone beyond only technical specialties and all sorts of crafts, nowadays, one can find vocational training solutions in marketing, management, sales technologies, customer experience, etc. Under rapidly changing conditions, continuous vocational studies have become the norm in many companies. As a result, the list of vocational courses grows rapidly, responding to the increased demand of the market.

The following are among the advantages of such vocational courses:

  • Compressed terms of training;
  • Focus only on practical skills that can be implemented in the company's work;
  • Skilled teachers with experience in the real sector of the economy.

Specialists, regularly passing such training will always be in the trend of the latest innovations in their fields. So, the importance of vocational education is in no doubt.

Some forms of education at vocational courses

Here is a list of some of the most popular forms of learning that are used in vocational training courses.

  • Lecture. A lecture is a classical form of educational practice, during which some visual materials are used along with the verbal presentation. The advantages of the lecture are as follows: students are provided with large amounts of information, a lecture can be conducted for a large number of students in the classroom, and a lecturer can easily control the content and consistency of the presentation.
  • Seminar. A seminar is a joint discussion of the teacher and students on the issues studied and the search for solutions to certain problems. The advantages of the seminar are the ability to take into account and control the level of knowledge and skills of the teacher, to link the topic of the seminar and the students' experience.
  • Training. Training is a method of teaching, the main goal of which is to present practical aspects of the educational process, and the theoretical aspects are of secondary importance. The advantages of the training are the ability to study the problem from different points of view and to grasp its subtleties and nuances, prepare students for action in life situations, and increase their motivation and create a positive emotional climate.
  • Discussions. The method of thematic discussions is about solving certain problems and tasks in a particular area. This method is similar to brainstorming. Students are limited to specific frames in the discussion process, and any decisions and ideas that initially seem hopeless are discarded immediately. Advantages of the method are as follows: the information base of students on the discussed discipline is expanding, and the skill of solving specific problems is formed.

These and other forms of training are used both in online vocational courses and in traditional courses, and their combination provides the best effect – mastering material on a theoretical and practical level.

Vocational training courses in the UAE

In a country with a rapidly growing economy and a constant demand for qualified professionals such as the UAE, the popularity of various vocational courses, studies, workshops is continuously growing.

A bunch of organizations offering postgraduate vocational courses in Dubai, the UAE is quite large, and private institutions often offer solutions that are ideally suited to improve the skills of working professionals, for example, the Atton Institute.

Here are the most popular vocational courses in the UAE:

  • management and leading;
  • sales and work with clients;
  • digital technologies in marketing;
  • international negotiations, the basics of business etiquette, etc.