Soft Skills Training in Vocational Classes for Career Promotion

Soft Skills Training in Vocational Classes for Career Promotion

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Soft Skills Training in Vocational Classes for Career Promotion

So, first, we should answer the question of what are vocational classes? Vocational classes, courses, workshops – all these are aimed at giving certain knowledge of practical value and skills, needed to work in a particular area.

It is a common thing for professionals to distinguish between two types of skills:

  • Hard skills – professional, technical skills that can be easily demonstrated. For example, the skill of fast typing, driving, knowledge of the programming language, etc.
  • Soft skills are skills that cannot be easily traced, verified, and clearly demonstrated. This group includes communication and management skills.

Accordingly, there are two main types of vocational training, that are aimed at developing these two types of skills. And the contribution of hard skills to the professional success of an employee is just as important as soft skills. Here are the basic soft skills that you have to pay attention to when planning a vocational training process.

  • Communicative skills. The ability to present oneself, an idea, a project and be an interesting interlocutor is extremely important today. If you have a brilliant idea, but you do not know how to present it, you are unlikely to find financing or a support group for its implementation. You can use any opportunities to develop these skills for yourself: meet new people, broaden your horizons and very soon you will be able to find a common language with any person.
  • Analytical and critical thinking. The ability to ask questions, prove facts, unconventional thinking now is still rare, especially among young specialists. A good way to develop these skills is to set an internal contest for the most economical, fastest, or some other "the most" solution in ordinary life situations.
  • Ability to work in a team. Each team has a leader, a leading player, and several performers. It is very important to understand your role and play it rigorously. At first glance, this is very simple, but when it comes to implementation, people want to show themselves on the best side, to show the own leadership and in every possible way to make leaders of themselves.
  • Ability to set and achieve goals. This skill is very important for every person. Without a goal, it is impossible to achieve any result. A clearly defined goal is already 50% of success, the remaining 50% are persistence, work, and positive thinking.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts. Now the mediators are very popular, they become a third party in the conflict and try to solve it. Being a mediator is a skill that will help to avoid destructive disputes, smooth out sharp corners and adequately respond to criticism. Again, this skill needs to be educated in yourself through long training.
  • Ability to take responsibility. Take greater responsibility, work harder than everyone, constantly learn and strive to fulfill own duties by 120% – in this case, career growth will not take long to wait.
  • Self-organization and self-discipline. Habits of organized people are brought up by parents, educators, and then by you. Typically they are not inherited qualities. It is not easy to become highly organized, but the fruits that bring a competent distribution of time and energy are always palpable.

Vocational classes for soft skills training in the UAE

In the UAE market, there are quite a lot of educational proposals from various organizations aimed at soft skills training, for example, business communications skills from the Atton Institute. A unique Teaching Methodology is used in this course, thanks to which students master the material in the shortest possible time, so if you are considering soft skills training options, pay attention to this course.