Training for Employees in Companies - Key Aspects of How to Organize It

Training for Employees in Companies - Key Aspects of How to Organize It

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Training for Employees in Companies - Key Aspects of How to Organize It

The importance of employee training

If a specialist does not work on own development and does not feel any progress, this person can either start looking for a new place to continue a career, or his/her work productivity will fall as time goes. In both cases, this is a losing situation for the company and the employee him/herself, so the organization of training for employees is an important task for any company. All employees must be involved in continuous corporate training for employees so that the company can grow and develop and effectively solve its tasks.

The benefits of employee training and development for the company and the individual employee are as follows:

For a company:

  • Increase the coherence of the work of the whole team;
  • Increase in profit (or entering a new market, or another strategic objective);
  • Increase the level of employee loyalty;
  • Reduction of staff turnover.

For an employee:

  • Feeling of own growth and professional development;
  • Loyalty of a company. If money is invested in the development of an employee, it means that they are interested in this employee and he or she can count on advancement in a career in this organization.

So, understanding and taking all the importance of the employee training and development process, you can proceed to the organization of such training in a company. To begin with, it is necessary to determine whom to teach, what to teach, how and when to teach. Having answers to these questions, you can proceed to the drawing up of a concrete plan.

1. Whom to teach?

It is quite simple to find the answer to this question. Your company definitely has certain strategic tasks, for example, increasing sales by 50%. In order to achieve this, obviously, you will have to train your sales managers, as well as marketers who can find new markets, or offer a new product to achieve the desired result. A detailed analysis of all goals and objectives will make it possible to compile a complete list of specialists who must be trained.

2. What to teach?

The answer to this question can also be found by analyzing your business tasks. The set goals will determine the subjects of training. In addition to the professional skills themselves, you should pay attention to the so-called soft skills (skills of business communication, teamwork skills, self-organization, and the basis of planning). Both of them are important to success.

3. How to conduct training?

Now, clearly understanding our tasks, we can proceed to the choice of a specific solution. You can either engage in the learning process yourself (self-education), or take the help of a professional company (online courses, or traditional courses).

As for the first option (self-education), it is quite cheap and simple way, but at the same time the most inefficient one. The result of such training may not justify the expectations.

Courses and training for personnel from universities, institutes and business schools are a much more effective method.

Classes are held in the form of lectures, seminars, masterclasses, or as a combination of these approaches. Such a comprehensive approach allows you to train both professional skills and soft skills fully.

Choosing a solution for training and development of personnel in Dubai, UAE

As an example of the choice of an integrated solution, we present you with courses from the Atton Institute – private institute in Dubai offering its solutions for vocational education in the UAE.