Training and Career Development of Employees in an Organization

Training and Career Development of Employees in an Organization

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Training and Career Development of Employees in an Organization

Every professional passes various stages from beginner to experienced specialist and leader during the process of his/her growth. However, it's not always possible to move smoothly and according to plan, and sometimes we just get stuck, and do not know what to do next. In order to help the specialist to solve these and other issues related to professional growth, numerous career development training courses appeared. Here you will be helped to solve this problem with a systemic approach.

The emerging economy of the UAE generates demand for specialists of very different profiles. Here, people with higher education, as well as those who have completed only short courses, for example, call center operators, will be helped to find work and develop. And what is remarkable, career growth is possible for almost everyone. It is important to approach this issue correctly. Training and career development helps in this task.

A few tips for successful career advancement

A successful career consists of a number of factors – intelligence, efficiency, the ability to negotiate with people and make bold decisions, luck and lots of others. However, there are several universal recommendations on how to achieve success in this matter:

  • Rule No. 1: Do the job you really like. It is better if you decide what kind of work you enjoy as soon as possible. Having chosen a specialty, during the first years of work a person usually understands what he/she is interested in within this direction. And in order to avoid disappointments and professional burnout, think about the following: are you doing your business? Do you need to strive to climb the career ladder or is it more interesting to build a horizontal career, becoming a recognized guru?
  • Rule No. 2: Do your job "perfectly." Although psychologists say that perfectionism is not a good feature, this quality is very useful for your career. Whatever you do, ensure the highest quality of your work. The results of the work will be the main driving force of your career. Prepare for a tough competition – in the vast majority of cases, the one who works more efficiently and quickly rises the career ladder.
  • Rule No.3: Prioritize. Sometimes it happens that it is impossible to do all the work on an "excellent" basis – there is simply not enough time for that. Calm down and think what is more important for you at the moment. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, but there is the right one for you in specific circumstances.
  • Rule No. 4: Learn to negotiate and make unpopular decisions. Career is always a relationship, the ability to negotiate with a variety of people. It is especially difficult to build relationships with subordinates, who were at the same level with you yesterday. Taking unpopular decisions in the interests of the company is something without which it is impossible to achieve a really high post.
  • Rule No. 5: Constantly work on your professional growth. Career development classes, career development trainings, and career development training course will allow you to always be in a trend and keep up with competitors in your field.

Opportunities and prospects for career growth in the UAE

There are a number of private business schools that offer training in career development skills in this country. Both the branches of large international corporations and local companies that do business in the region have their offices here, in the UAE. All of them can be considered as potential opportunities for career growth. They created the best conditions for career growth, including for visiting specialists. Also, there are many opportunities for training development and career management in local institutes and business schools, which allows you to quickly get used to the local market and promote your career for example, here. One can find vacancies for professionals of literally all directions in this country. Thus, the UAE has the necessary conditions for rapid career growth and self-improvement.