Staff Training and Its Role and Importance in Business Development

Staff Training and Its Role and Importance in Business Development

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Staff Training and Its Role and Importance in Business Development

What is training (staff training)?

According to the definition from Wikipedia, Training is a process aimed at developing certain skills and knowledge that are required for specific competencies. There are both staff training courses, aimed at employee growth and general development of professional level and staff training seminars, dedicated to some specific topic.

Staff training helps not only to develop the necessary skills, but it also helps to increase a person’s loyalty – your specialist will be grateful for your efforts in his/her education. Considering the fact, that truly good professional costs a lot, staff training in your company will help you to win from your competitors in the “battle for specialists.”

And taking into account this last thing, staff training is topical more than ever. Besides, in case there is no available specialist in some particular area, you can make the one from your team, and staff training courses will help you to do that.

Business needs and business tasks, solved with staff training solutions

If we are talking about the GCC region, international trade, tourism (not an only resort but also medical and educational tourism, for example) and innovative engineering develop exponentially here. In this regard, the most popular staff training programs include the following spheres:

  • Customer service;
  • Sales;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • Personnel management.

Other tasks that the business is trying to solve, with the help of professional training and training are as follows:

  • Training new staff. Since the problem of staff turnover is more or less topical for every business, each company faces a constant need for training young professionals and staff training solutions are in demand.
  • Mastering new skills. In order for your specialists to remain in the trend of the latest changes in their field, they must constantly undergo special training.
  • Reorganization of the company and change of roles. Sometimes it happens that the company on the way to achieving its business goal is forced to undergo reorganization. In this case, special training is required for the staff.
  • Professional development of existing staff. This is quite a thrifty way to achieve a business goal when instead of searching for new high-class specialists, a company rises those who already work to the required level. This allows you to save time and money.

Developing a staff training business strategy. Educational options in the UAE

There are several important issues concerned with choosing the right staff training solution for your team. Here they are:

  • Clearly define your global business goals and identify the desired intermediate results, you want to achieve in some specific period of time.
  • Analyze what skills and knowledge are required and gaps that should be eliminated in order to achieve your goals.
  • Choose the right programs and classes and estimate their efficiency. Besides the obvious factor of achieving your business goals, you should also estimate the following: profit growth, decreased employee turnover, increased staff motivation, improved productivity, and competency.

In order to achieve the desired goal at the end of training and development process, it will be a good idea to look for a complex solution of staff training problem. When we talk about the UAE, there are several options available: training, seminars, and courses from both private and public universities and business schools. We advise you to consider the Atton Institute. We provide a list of training programs for employees, which are currently in demand in the region.