Small Business Workshops and Seminars. How to Choose the Best Option?

Small Business Workshops and Seminars. How to Choose the Best Option?

Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE ML-006
26 Jan - 30 Jan, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-025
2 Feb - 6 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE FI-102
9 Feb - 13 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-072
16 Feb - 20 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-068
16 Feb - 20 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE CO-050
23 Feb - 27 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE ML-094
23 Feb - 27 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE PM-056
1 Mar - 5 Mar, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-069
1 Mar - 5 Mar, 2020 5 Days

Small Business Workshops and Seminars. How to Choose the Best Option?

The constantly growing economy of the country experiences a constant demand for qualified personnel – marketers, sales specialists, and managers. As for the latter ones, the requirements for them are much more diverse than for ordinary performers. Small business courses are designed to help start-up executives and business owners in developing business in the UAE.

Beginners often face certain difficulties, and this often leads even to the collapse of the whole business. And if the actual knowledge, skills, and experience are not good enough, you can take the help of professional teachers at seminars for starting a small business.

Since we live in a fairly dynamic world, changes and innovations occur quite often in all sectors of the economy, so that the help of professionals will be no less useful for beginners, as for those who are already running their business, or occupy a managerial position.

Unlike a specialist in marketing, for example, an entrepreneur must have much more diverse skills and knowledge that will allow him/her to run a business successfully. These are the fundamentals of personnel management, basic knowledge in the economy, the basis for analysis and planning, and many others.

These and other skills and knowledge can be obtained at specialized classes, which are constantly conducted in the UAE by numerous private business schools.

Main types of business training

As you know, there are two types of skills in business: functional and psychological (personal). Functional knowledge includes skills and knowledge in the field of finance, marketing, logistics, business process reengineering, etc., and personal skills include leadership, creativity, negotiation, time management, stress management, etc. Accordingly, various small business workshops and seminars have been developed to train these qualities.

Small business seminar is a short-term (from 1 to 4 days) interactive training aimed at the formation of specific business skills. The training will present information on one or several specific issues in a time-efficient form. For example, how should a leader react to conflicts within a team? The main emphasis is on practical guidance and training skills. The most common types of small business seminars are seminars in:

  • Sales;
  • Management;
  • Teambuilding;
  • Communication;
  • Presentations;
  • Making effective decisions, etc.

The most popular type of business training is sales training. It helps the specialist to get the skills of communicating with the clients and identifying their needs, negotiating skills, persuading the client of the advantages of some product. Such training will be useful not only to the sales manager but also to the company leader because the elements of the art of sales are used very often at all levels of the company.

Another type of seminar is a seminar on business communication. It will be useful to all employees who in one way or another communicate with customers, partners, and colleagues (absolutely everyone).

Teambuilding is another direction of training, which allows, in combination with sales techniques, to develop all the qualities necessary for successful work. Training aimed at teambuilding will help create motivation for work, distribute roles among employees, solve complex tasks by the whole team. There is a whole range of different trainings for executives and top managers. For example, training on strategic planning, training of personnel management, training of department management and others.

In any case, when choosing a small business seminar, you need to clearly understand your goals and what you will need to achieve them.

Small business seminars in the UAE

One of the best professionals live and work in the UAE, including those in business-related matters. And these people will share their experience at seminars and training at the best business schools. Here everyone can choose the best solution for him/herself, both regarding time, money and materials provided. For example, the Atton Institute in Dubai offers time-efficient educational solutions for a wide range of specialists.