Role of Professional Seminars and Workshops in Career Development

Role of Professional Seminars and Workshops in Career Development

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Role of Professional Seminars and Workshops in Career Development

Choosing the education form – professional seminars

A seminar is an activity within the framework of the discussion of a topic that is aimed at its deep examination from different points of view. Seminars are often held at universities, where students prepare a topic in advance, give a detailed story about a particular problem, after which a discussion takes place. However, seminars relate not only to the field of education in universities. This form of interaction is also used to refer to discussions, for example, between entrepreneurs, scientists, experts in various fields, there are also career development seminars. Such meetings take place on the same principle: a speaker presents some topic, after which a discussion begins. Typically at a seminar, the number of participants varies from 20 to 100 people. But these are people of the same specialty who are interested in revealing the topic. The organization of business seminars and workshops does not require special investment and is quite simple, which also contributes to the popularity of this type of training.

Here are the main advantages of the seminar as a form of training:

  • A seminar helps learners to understand the material better, as it appears as quite detailed and you have a chance to look at various questions from different points of view;
  • Seminars allow communication between the facilitator and participants and effectively exchange experiences.

Among the shortcomings of the seminars:

  • Seminars, unlike lectures, are held in relatively small groups of 8-25 people;
  • A seminar facilitator should be an experienced and sociable person.

Professional development seminars UAE

Considering the rapid growth of the UAE and the increasing level of competition in the professional services market, each specialist has to monitor own self-improvement and professional growth. And as a result of increasing demand for vocational training, local business schools, universities and colleges offer professional seminars on the most popular topics that are most in demand in this market – international trade, digital marketing, advertising, and management fundamentals.

Professional development seminars, courses, and training will allow you to learn the most topical skills and techniques as quickly and efficiently as possible and help a specialist stay in a trend and stay competitive. Such seminars from the best educational institutions in the UAE will provide the necessary skills to negotiate and increase sales. In the professional training seminars, you will be able not only to master the latest knowledge and skills in your field but also to practice them with other professionals-your colleagues.

Among the most popular professional training seminars are the seminars in sales techniques, digital marketing, promotion of goods and services in the international arena, which is due to the active development of international trade, mainly in numerous free zones. The best specialists in the above areas work in Dubai, the UAE, and they teach here in private schools and state colleges, they will help you to achieve the desired result.

Professional seminars from the Atton Institute

If you are looking for professional education solutions, the best option is to find a complex training, where both practice and theory are considered, and various forms of study are practiced, including a seminar. And there is an institute in Dubai, which provides its complex solutions for the above-mentioned specialists – the Atton Institute (