Prospects for Career Development and Professional Qualifications in the UAE

Prospects for Career Development and Professional Qualifications in the UAE

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27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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28 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 4 Days
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Prospects for Career Development and Professional Qualifications in the UAE

Any specialist should have both actual professional knowledge and skills in his/her field, and professional qualification for effective career growth since by the combination of these factors employer estimates a candidate. It is very important both when hiring and in career advancement, for the employee to be aimed at continuous self-improvement and raising the level of qualification, regardless of whether he/she is a freshman or an experienced employee.

Vocational education can be organized in the form of seminars, training, or courses. Upon completion of this classes, the relevant certificates are typically issued, which confirm the received professional qualifications.

Regardless of what field you are an expert in, there are a number of compulsory skills for anyone who plans professional development. Here they are:

  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing;
  • Communication skills – any specialist in one way or another contacts other people – colleagues and partners;
  • Analytical skills and the ability to adapt to new conditions. Even with the most carefully designed plan, problems and surprises may arise, so the latter skill is necessary for everyone;
  • Skills in work with PC, basic skills in programming, and ability to use modern communication tools.

Organization of the process of obtaining professional development qualifications

The key moment in the management of professional development is to identify the organization's needs in this area. In fact, it is a matter of identifying a gap between the professional knowledge and skills that the personnel of an organization must have for the implementation of its goals with the actual knowledge and skills. Determining the requirements for the professional development of an individual employee requires some efforts of the Human Resources Department, an employee and his/her immediate manager. Each side brings its own vision of this issue, determined by its position in the organization and the role in the process of professional development.

Here are the factors that affect the professional development of the company staff:

  • Dynamics of the external environment (consumers, competitors, suppliers, the state);
  • Development of technology and methods, entailing the emergence of new products, services, and production methods;
  • Changing the development strategy of the organization;
  • Creation of a new organizational structure;
  • Development of new activities.

In times of crisis, one of the most important tasks for the company is to retain employees who are able to achieve high results, as well as those who have the potential for growth and are a strategic resource of the organization. In the situation of limited resources, the urgency of the problem of maintaining the human resources of the organization is substantially growing.

  • How to retain strong and promising employees?
  • How to maintain the company's human resources?
  • How to train and develop staff under the conditions of a budget deficit?

These and other issues require from the leadership of the organization of thoughtful and effective solutions. One such decision is an individual employee development plan. This technology allows not only to retain the company staff potential but also to start using it with maximum efficiency, increasing its competitive advantage.

Professional development in the UAE

All the necessary skills necessary for training and development qualifications can be obtained at numerous special courses in Dubai, UAE. There is everything necessary for professional development here, in this country. At courses and training for professional development in the UAE, you will be able to get these skills and knowledge needed and help to achieve the desired qualifications.