Proper Implementation of Adult Education and the Ways to Organize It
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Proper Implementation of Adult Education and the Ways to Organize It

Adult education is an indispensable element of an employee’s professional growth. Some of continuing education benefits to employees include improving communication skills, developing creative skills and critical thinking. There are several ways of implementing adult education. Some companies arrange seminars right at the working place, while others hire entire institutions the main job of which is to provide adult education.

A general plan for the implementation of adult education

So, you are a business owner, and realize the importance of training for your employees, and want to organize a process of continuous training in your company. Here is a continuing education plan template for a business owner.

  • Statement of the problem. You, as an entrepreneur and the owner of a company, have specific goals (in any case, there should be some). For example, you want to get a new niche in the market, or to ensure that your product/service reaches a certain level, say 5% of the market share. The goal should be clear and crystal, and such that you never lose sight of it and do not forget about it. The whole process of implementation of adult education for your employees should be aimed at achieving it (although an employee himself/herself will undoubtedly benefit from own professional learning).
  • Assessment of the current situation and defining the volume of training. Now that you have clearly defined your goals ahead, it is necessary to assess the initial conditions that you have, that is, the level of knowledge and skills of your employees, as well as the required level each individual employee should have. For example, your marketer should have an understanding of the general picture of the market of the country where you want to sell your goods and services: understand the specifics of doing business, mentality, etc. That is, in the technical language, you should make up a "technical requirements" for the training process of your employees on the basis of available resources, and the tasks which are to be addressed. This is the most important step in the process of how to start a continuing education program
  • Choosing the optimal solution for training. Now we have come to the question of choosing the optimal solution for training. It can be self-study and remote training, as well as all kinds of courses, training, and seminars.
    • Self-learning: the simplest, cheapest but also the least effective approach. With this approach, you will need to independently develop a training program, as well as independently organize the entire process for yourself. This will take your time and money, and the result may be far from what you expect.
    • Online training. A very popular form of education. Online courses and webinars are very convenient, besides they are much more effective than self-learning. Professionals organize the training process, besides there will be an opportunity to practice the skills. However, despite all this, there are certain limitations associated with the limited contact.
    • Classical training. Institutes, universities and business schools offer such solutions. Here all possible modern approaches and tactics of training are practiced, which gives the most interactive effect. Seminars, courses, and workshops give the best result, although they require certain investments.
  • Control. And of course, you will need to monitor the process, evaluate the implementation of the plan and make adjustments to the process (if necessary). This is the last step in the implementation of adult education, but given that the process is continuous, it will need to be carried out continuously.

Adult Education and Ways to Implement It (on the example of Dubai)

Since the world is becoming more and more global, professionals are offered a very wide choice of learning institutions for adult education. There are professional training programs giving specialists an opportunity to find new acquaintances and business contacts. Dubai is an important business center that attracts numerous entrepreneurs and business owners. Some of the best institutions with excellent trainers and lecturers are functioning here, in Dubai, and the Atton Institute is one of those. It offers its ways to implement adult education in Dubai.