Professional Skills Training – the Way to Professional Success
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Professional Skills Training – the Way to Professional Success

There are some things one should never save own money and time. One of those is professional training and development. Only the most relevant and modern knowledge is of real value to an employer. In addition, a good specialist must have a number of skills, besides of professional qualifications, and therefore professional skill development training is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the face of intense competition in international markets.

How important are the soft skills of the staff for the successful operation of a business structure? Let us consider, for example, a sales manager. His/her hard skills are the knowledge received in college – the basics of accounting, statistics, marketing, management, etc. They are the basis of his/her profession, but personal success as a specialist is determined more by such qualities as the ability to negotiate, build a team and keep comfortable conditions for work, patience, goodwill, politeness and lots of other things. Some of these skills are the part of the person’s character or were developed during parents breeding, for example, patience. Others come with experience, for instance, teambuilding or knowledge in logistics. Therefore, professional training courses both with hard skills training and soft skills training are in demand.

It’s difficult to say what skills each person has to develop for successful work, after all, each profession has its own requirements. At some of them you will need creativity, and others, on the contrary, require the ability to follow exactly the given algorithm without any initiative. In some professions, diplomacy and the ability to skirt contentious issues are necessary, while in others require the ability to hold your own to the very end.

Soft skills groups that are developed on professional training courses

  • Personal qualities. They are considered to be positive characteristics not only for an employee but a person. They are appreciated by all employers, regardless of the job. These are decency, diligence, accuracy, punctuality, diligence, and others. Usually, they are developed in childhood.
  • Communication skills. Not all the communication skills are important for those who do not work with people – a programmer who constantly sits in the office, probably does not need leader qualities. But there are some of those we cannot do without, because we all work with other people, and communicate with colleagues and partners. So, these are politeness, the ability to observe a subordination, no proneness to conflict. Of course, there are professions where communication skills cannot be dispensed with. The work of a sales agent, PR manager, journalist, psychologist or tutor involves contacts with people, and the better we learn to conduct a conversation and "sell" ourselves, the more positive results our activities we will get.
  • Additional professional knowledge. They cannot be obtained at the university; they are accumulated by experience, which requires a lot of efforts. These are a customer base or supplier base, professional connections, the ability to search for information, knowledge of the road map of your region, foreign languages – in general; it can be anything. We all understand that there are a lot of nuances in the work that can be understood only by feeling them on yourself.

According to the study conducted in Harvard University, soft skills are even more important for career development than hard skills (85% of soft skills compared to 15% of hards skills) (Research). So if you are planning a career growth and development, you should definitely consider the courses for soft skills training.

Opportunities for professional training in the UAE

As for the UAE, the authorities and business in this country have created excellent conditions for the professional growth and development of almost any specialist, lots of specialists are needed here: sales and everything that is concerned with it, management and international relations, digital technologies in commerce, etc.

Professional skills training is offered at various educational courses; their popularity continues to grow due to their importance. As a rule, classes for developing professional skills are held in the form of seminars and training, where the skills can be immediately tested in practice in the company of other students.

If you are looking for an educational solution in soft skills training, take a look at the Atton Institute in Dubai, which provides its courses on soft skills training.