Professional Development Opportunities for Staff in Dubai, the UAE

Professional Development Opportunities for Staff in Dubai, the UAE

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Professional Development Opportunities for Staff in Dubai, the UAE

Some techniques for personal development and professional development opportunities

Immediately after the completion of professional training, a specialist begins to work on career growth. Each of us has starting conditions when we start moving up the career ladder: the level of intelligence, life experience, purposefulness, etc. Some qualities will help in career advancement, while others will slow it down. We advise you to bet on your strengths and work on the following (some professional development ideas):

  • Self-control of competence. Evaluation of knowledge of modern economics, management, branch technologies, as well as innovations used in management, including in carrying out organizational changes. This is about the evaluation of own personal professionally important qualities, such as, for example, criticality, confidence, independence. It is important not only to measure some qualities, but to determine whether there is progress, and areas where there is no such progress.
  • Assessment of changes in work and on oneself. This procedure should be carried out be periodically to assess your progress. Its essence is to take into account, analyze and systematize all the changes in tasks, content, requirements of the work performed, on the one hand, and those changes that occurred during the assessed period in own personality and professional competence, on the other hand.
  • Ability to learn from others. Creation of a trend to search and develop new things in various situations, where there can be interesting information, useful knowledge, new experience. Managing your motivational attitudes provides a high developmental effect in work at traditional meetings, seminars, and in special forms of training and development.
  • Development results: a diary of achievements and failures. A detailed or generalized description of situations with an analysis of the causes and factors of positive and negative results of own activity. It helps to avoid situations of repeatedly "story of my life,” allows you to understand better, and also critically evaluate and systematize your own experience, making practical and correct conclusions.
  • Modeling your professional portrait. The procedure of drawing up own professional psychological characteristics in the form of the most striking features, both positive and negative, that have been demonstrated over a period (for example, the last week) or when solving a certain important task.
  • Development of motivation for management activities. You should strive to achieve goals, including promising ones, but to live for the present day, knowing well that real life is always only here and only now and to choose the main responsibility for motivating yourself for a life. The more a person feels him/herself to be the cause of own behavior, the more he/she is independent in own actions, and the higher is his/her personal contribution to activity.

By developing the necessary qualities in yourself, you can grow quite rapidly in your career, and new professional development opportunities will open before you.

Opportunities for professional development in the UAE

How to properly plan your professional development, what priorities and goals to set and how to cope with difficulties and obstacles? The answers to these and other questions can be found at professional courses and training that have appeared lately in the UAE, as a result of the growing demand for specialists in various fields of the economy – excellent professional development opportunities have been created here.

There are both private educational institutions and state colleges offering classes for professional growth, as many international companies and local businesses work in the country. For effective professional development, it is important to set the right goal, develop a detailed plan of action and learn to overcome difficulties and problems.

Favorable economic policy, minimal taxes, and duty rates, simplified bureaucratic procedures and support of the authorities have led to the fact that the growth rate of the economy of the UAE is one of the highest in the world. In addition to good job opportunities, and career development, there is a very large range of organizations offering solutions for vocational education. Different types of professional development are available in the country. For example, there are courses and programs for managers, company leaders, sales managers, HRs, marketers and other specialists form the Atton Institute in Dubai.