Six Directions of the Most Popular Training Courses in Dubai, the UAE

Six Directions of the Most Popular Training Courses in Dubai, the UAE

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Six Directions of the Most Popular Training Courses in Dubai, the UAE

The high level of competition, both between companies in the industry itself and individual specialists, forces everyone to work on improving own professional level constantly. Therefore, popular short courses both online and classical ones are so in demand now among those who develop their careers in the UAE.

It's clear that a working professional differs a lot from a typical university student, primarily because of the strictly limited time for education, so the requirements for the best courses from the employee's point of view, which seeks to improve own professional level, can be presented as follows:

  • The practical value of knowledge and skills gained. Since a professional already has a certain background, he/she is interested in acquiring only up to date knowledge in his/her field, and only those of practical value, allowing to actually improve the effectiveness of work.
  • Maximum short-time training. As it was mentioned, unlike a college student, a working person does not have much time for training, so online courses, and various short courses and seminars are highly demanded.

The Directions of Popular Professional Courses

Now let us turn to particular fields of the most popular training courses in the UAE. Taking into account the fact, that international trading and re-export are the second largest sector of the country economy, the list of courses, the most demanded in the country includes the courses in the following fields:

  • Marketing. Marketing courses and especially digital marketing are constantly on the list of most popular courses, since literally, every company needs the promotion of goods and services, regardless of the field of activity. And the ability to stand out from others, thanks to a successful marketing strategy, guarantees success to business;
  • Customer services. A customer service directly defines the success of a company, since, in the conditions of tough competition and a saturated market, it is not difficult to change a supplier that does not match your expectations in customer service. In the struggle for customers, the help of a good specialist in this field is required, so that customer service training also is in the top popular training courses;
  • Sales. Modern sales methods have advanced quite a lot lately. A well-educated salesperson who knows modern techniques and methods should definitely be within the company that sells goods and services nowadays;
  • Project management. In order for the project to be successful, a good specialist is needed, who is able to organize a team, to solve the arising difficulties, to establish an effective work and to give the desired result. Best courses in project management will bring such a specialist into your team;
  • Leadership and company management. A good leader can correctly set a goal for a team, establish work in a team, eliminate emerging problems and deal with a crisis. And courses and trainings in this area will help to gain the necessary knowledge and experience;
  • HR. As everybody knows, personnel is the key. And a good HR is needed to get valuable specialists into your team.

Choosing the best courses in the UAE

When it comes to the choice of the best option for you, there are several options for professional courses.

  • Online courses. The online courses are experiencing a real boom today. There are such worldwide platforms as Coursera, Udemy, Future Learn, EDX, Udacity, which offer their free online courses, including the topics, listed above. Of course, this type of training has some advantages, like the ability to plan your time for training as you wish and to get access to one of the best specialists. However, limited contact with the teacher and the other members of the group does not allow this kind of training to become as good as traditional courses.
  • Traditional courses. This form of learning has got the most options and variants. Depending on the specific requirements, you can choose either short classes or longer courses. Also, among the organizations that provide their services, there are both private business schools and universities (including the branches of major international universities). This is still the most effective form of vocational training.

If you are interested in choosing a vocational training solution, we recommend that you pay attention to the Atton Institute in Dubai, which offers its short courses in all the above-listed areas.