Planning Corporate Training Courses. The Most Important Issues.

Planning Corporate Training Courses. The Most Important Issues.

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Planning Corporate Training Courses. The Most Important Issues.

The purpose of corporate training and development courses at first glance may not seem to be obvious. It seems that the recipe for success in business is simple – find good executives that will allow you to achieve the desired goals in different directions: sales managers will increase sales, marketers will be effective at advertising and product promotion, and managers will be good at management. But, as practice shows, this is not always the case. Here, the situation is just as in football – the individual skill of a particular player does not guarantee the success of the whole team at all. And just like in football, group training is needed – corporate courses.

In addition, corporate courses will also improve the work of the whole team, providing a generally positive result on various aspects of doing business: corporate management course, corporate communications training courses, corporate sales training courses.

Both an experienced specialist and a beginner can get a lot of new and useful information from corporate training and business courses.

Planning corporate training courses – key issues

The corporate training and staff development program will give the desired result if it is agreed with the strategic goals of the company. For example, the company faces the task of developing a new market segment. The personnel training program should be developed considering the fact that highly skilled specialists with teamwork skills are required. Personnel will need the ability to interact with each other, establish and maintain horizontal links for the prompt resolution of issues and tasks. The staff training program, in this case, is aimed not only at obtaining new skills and expanding the range of competencies. Employees who will participate in new developments will also need professional development.

The purpose of the personnel training program is to teach employees to adapt to changes in the market situation quickly.

When deciding how to develop a training program for the company's personnel, consider:

  • How to minimize costs and organize business processes;
  • How to teach employees with basic skills;
  • How to assess and maintain the level of competencies, conducting training purposefully.

The best option is internal training according to programs developed by the company. When drawing up a training program for personnel at the enterprise, consider the needs of the employees. Conduct surveys for different categories of employees. According to the results of the questionnaire, you can get information about:

  • Gaps in the knowledge that hinder effective professional activities;
  • Problems in communication, interaction;
  • Knowledge and skills that are lacking for workers;
  • How the need for training is correlated with the tasks facing the division and the company.

How to develop a training program for employees?

When developing a training program for personnel at the enterprise, ensure an integrated approach. Professional skills and personal competence necessary for employees must develop simultaneously. Without this, the training will not produce the desired result.

Corporate courses from the Atton Institute in Dubai

In Dubai, the UAE one has quite a few opportunities for corporate training, and among them, there is an offer from the Atton Institute. An integrated approach to solving specific problems allows them to achieve the best result in each specific case, including in those cases when it comes to corporate courses. Here is the list of training courses for specialists, mentioned above:

Table 1 – Training courses from the Atton Institute.