Personnel Training and Development – Essential Process in Any Company

Personnel Training and Development – Essential Process in Any Company

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Personnel Training and Development – Essential Process in Any Company

The importance of personnel development cannot be overestimated since the human factor is the most important factor. Personnel development is a constant, continuous process of improving the professional and personal qualities of employees. The following things are equally important for the effective operation of a company: a professional level and experience of all the team members, a favorable climate in the team, a sufficient level of motivation for the work of the staff, the willingness to focus on the company's goals, etc.

This problem always requires an integrated approach, constant monitoring, and care of a responsible person – company leader or a personnel development manager. Personnel training and development strategy of the company should include professional training; retraining; changing the responsibilities of a particular employee or the whole department; building an understandable and clear career development system.

Possibilities of personnel development in Dubai, UAE

As for Dubai, and the UAE in general, there are many opportunities for professional training and development here. Local universities, institutes, and private business schools offer their specialized courses. The Atton Institute is one of those, offering both separate courses for various specialists and the specific sets of courses and training – personnel development programs.

We consider this integrated approach on the example of professional training program for marketers

Marketing specialist program

So here is a short description of the program.

Marketing specialist program (MSP) includes a series of 3 courses. These courses address the most important and relevant issues in modern marketing. All three courses are submitted in a short time (3 days each), so the whole program takes less than ten days. But at the same time, the amount of presented material is quite large, besides all the presented methods can be immediately implemented in practice in own company. Here is a summary of all three courses:

  • Course 1. The first course in this series of personnel development training is given in the form of a master class on direct marketing and sales. Here, students will be told on how to design and implement direct marketing campaigns properly. Thanks to the correct marketing policy, you can achieve a significant increase in sales. Progressive advanced methods and techniques aimed at creating an effective strategy of direct marketing are the core of this course.
  • Course 2 is aimed at helping a developing marketer to systematize his/her knowledge and help to develop own systematic approach to solving the typical problems that this specialist has to face with. After completing this course, a specialist will be able to assess the global prospects and opportunities for implementing effective marketing solutions in his/her company.
  • Course 3: Within the framework of this course, the basics of digital marketing are presented (although this is such a large field of knowledge that a there is a separate program for it). Here, the main tools and channels of digital marketing are described, the use of which will significantly increase the sales level of your company with the very little cost for digital marketing.

The benefit from such training for the specialist itself is obvious – a highly professional specialist earns much more, so specialists themselves understand the importance of personnel development. Here are the approximate salaries rates for a marketer in Dubai:

Marketing Manager in Dubai Salary

Fig. 1 – Dependence of a marketer’s salary on experience and knowledge
(information taken from Payscale)

As you can see personnel development training is a systemic problem and therefore it requires the complex approach. Personnel development programs for specialists in various fields will help to cope with that and to make your time able to achieve your goals.