Organization of Competence Based Education. Making Competence Model

Organization of Competence Based Education. Making Competence Model

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Organization of Competence Based Education. Making Competence Model

Considering how severe is a competition among companies nowadays, the importance of professional knowledge grows and will continue to grow in the future. In order to achieve success in business is not enough to be a good specialist – you have to be the best. So, competency-based learning will become more and more popular. The one who will have an advantage in qualification, skills, and knowledge will potentially be able to claim more income.

Preparing for competence based education in a company

The first step in the organization of competency based education in the company is to develop a competence model for different employees. A set of requirements can be both universal for the entire staff, or specific for particular positions. Employees occupying the highest professional and job hierarchy will have more managerial and less functional competence.

Here are the main steps in the development of the competency model for further competency based training:

  • At the first stage, the project is planned. It includes a description of the desired results. This will make it possible to clearly set the goal, to understand which model of competence for the organization is considered optimal. For each position, there will be a separate plan.
  • At the second stage, a project team is formed. It is necessary to explain to the personnel that in order to achieve the organization's goals, it is necessary to have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and professional level.
  • At the third stage, an exact competency model is developed. For this purpose, each employee is examined, and information about the work performed is collected. The basis of behavior, formed on the availability of personal qualities is identified. In order to collect information, it is enough to observe the activities of a particular specialist. Interview the supervisors and staff.

The verification of existing knowledge and skills can be entrusted to specialized companies. Depending on the needs of the business, taking into account the changing strategic plans of the company or the changed situation on the labor market, the competency model has to be reviewed in some time.

The formation of the competence model depends on numerous factors. First of all, it is necessary to use a structural approach, so that the necessary processes meet a wide range of specialties.

Depending on the work performed, the competence model for a manager will differ from the personnel involved in the direct production process. The human resources manager should have a personal, social, organizational, social competence. As for the employees who perform a certain operational process on the machine, the technical component of knowledge and experience is important for them.

Organizations, providing competency-based training in the UAE

If we are talking about the UAE, there has been an acceleration in the rate of growth of the economy observed in recent years. Moreover, the country regularly is one of the world leaders in the GDP growth rate. This contributes to the fact that new vacancies are constantly appearing here.

As a result, both specialists and business executives spend a huge amount of money, their time and efforts to competency-based education and training – all in order to gain an advantage among competitors.

In the market of educational services for professionals, both private and governmental organizations are represented. Therefore, a specialist who is going to make a career in this Arab country has quite a lot of opportunities for professional education. The following are among the most popular destinations in demand here:

  • Management and company organization;
  • Marketing and promotion of products and services;
  • Sales and customer services;
  • Implementation of digital and information technologies into business;
  • Logistics and international trading.

One of the organizations, which provide their educational service is the Atton Institute.