Ongoing Professional Training. Prospects for Career Growth in the UAE

Ongoing Professional Training. Prospects for Career Growth in the UAE

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27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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28 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 4 Days
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Ongoing Professional Training. Prospects for Career Growth in the UAE

It's no secret that professional success is almost always the result of purposeful and systematic work, but not a casual phenomenon, and as for career growth, here the key to success is in constant professional training. All actions should be aimed at achieving the set goals.

Successful career growth requires a systematic approach – a clear statement of goals and problems, careful planning, self-estimation and self-analysis and work on the mistakes.

And in order to do everything as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to have a certain toolkit and access to all the necessary materials.

Of course, you can do this by yourself – look for all the necessary training materials, plan your own training and evaluate its results. But this will take you much time, and efforts and results are not guaranteed.

So it will be better to take the help of professional trainers and teachers from the point of view of time and from the point of view of the effectiveness of the professional training process because the number of offers on the educational services market is only growing.

Professional learning methods

The vocational training methods can be conditionally divided into directives, interactive and personal.

  • Directive methods.The basis of directive methods is the interaction of a trainee with a mentor, an instructor, a teacher, a trainer. At this type, training is conducted in full-time mode. Here are some of the directive methods, widely used:
    • Lectures;
    • Seminars;
    • Mentoring;
    • Briefing;
    • Trainings;
    • Internship.
  • Interactive methods.Interactive techniques involve the active participation of staff in training. Such methods often do not require the involvement of specialists (trainers, teachers), and a person can study at any convenient time and in any place (remotely). Video format promotes better information assimilation. Thanks to the development of communications and computer equipment, the following methods have gained wide popularity:
    • distance learning;
    • online conferences and webinars;
    • video lessons.
  • Personal methods. Personal methods are based on self-training of personnel. Here the task of motivation comes to the fore. Independent training of employees should not be neglected: it must take place under the guidance and supervision of HR specialists. There are various ways to increase motivation: "round tables," regular discussion of the experience by the whole team, etc. It is necessary for the employee to clearly understand all the advantages of independent education. In fact, rotation is also a type of self-learning.

Professional Training and Development in the UAE

Here, in the UAE they have created the best conditions for professional training and career growth. New companies are opened every year in its numerous free zones; they constantly look for new specialists in marketing, management, international trade, and sales. This, in turn, contributes to the constant demand for vocational training services. And the number of educational institutions, both private and public, offering their assistance in professional growth in the UAE market is also growing.

The Atton Institute in Dubai provides its professional learning solutions for the most demanded specialists:

  • Managers;
  • Marketers;
  • Sales managers;
  • HRs;
  • and others.

The training is held in the form of short courses or series of short courses (training program), and after the completion of the study, every student gets a certificate. If you are looking for time-effective and cost-effective professional learning solution, the Atton Institute is ready to offer you the one.