Main Trends in Competency Development Training in Dubai, the UAE

Main Trends in Competency Development Training in Dubai, the UAE

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Main Trends in Competency Development Training in Dubai, the UAE

Competence is knowledge, skills, behaviors and personal characteristics necessary for the successful functioning of an employee in a particular position. Competences depending on the scope of their application are:

  • Corporate – necessary for all employees of the company;
  • Manager – necessary for the heads of the company and structural units;
  • Special – only necessary for a specific category of employees.

The value of professional skills and competence nowadays exceeds the value of material resources. Competency development is a kind of process that does not stop after the completion of professional training. Even having a master's degree, a beginning specialist needs to gain some experience in a real company, and this may require some competency development.

Competency development activities play a huge role in career growth because it is the professional level, skills, knowledge, and competencies that determine one’s success with an employer and distinguish a person from competitors. Those who care about their own professional growth and development will seek opportunities for competency development training for themselves.

How to assess the Competency development?

Assessment of competencies is the definition of priority competencies required for the effective work of an employee. Competence assessment is performed for:

  • candidates for a vacant position;
  • existing employees.

In general, the algorithm for assessing competencies consists of such items as:

  • Drawing up a list of competencies (competency models) that are necessary and significant for this particular position. The optimal set of competences includes 5-7 pieces.
  • Selection of the most effective tools and drawing up of the list of questions for conducting in-depth interviews on competencies.
  • Developing a system of indicators to assess the responses of a candidate/employee.
  • Conducting interviews and evaluating the results.

Possibilities of employee competency development in the UAE

Institutional education still has a decisive role in becoming a specialist, but now there are many other options for employee competency development.

These are numerous programs, sets of materials for self-education that appear in the network, as well as proposals for professional training from private and public educational institutions, the number of which is growing rapidly as a result of the growing demand for such services.

The UAE economy feels a constant need for new specialists in such areas as import-export trade operations, management, marketing and business promotion. Thousands of new companies that open each year both in the Mainland and in free zones provide jobs and career prospects.

Among the advantages that competency development training gives in the UAE is the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, the opportunity to train in practice all the skills obtained and then to implement them in work in the shortest possible time.

The optimal solution in the organization of competency development process will be to ask for support of professionals. For example, the Atton Institute offers its comprehensive solutions for a wide range of specialists: managers, sales specialists, HR, company managers. Here are some examples of courses for the above specialists: