Choosing Executive Education Program in the UAE

Choosing Executive Education Program in the UAE

Additional Selection Criteria
Dubai, UAE ML-006
26 Jan - 30 Jan, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE FI-102
9 Feb - 13 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-072
16 Feb - 20 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-068
16 Feb - 20 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE ML-094
23 Feb - 27 Feb, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE PM-056
1 Mar - 5 Mar, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-069
1 Mar - 5 Mar, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE ML-042
15 Mar - 19 Mar, 2020 5 Days
Dubai, UAE GS-067
15 Mar - 19 Mar, 2020 5 Days

Choosing Executive Education Program in the UAE

Leaders are made not born

Many people think that in order to become a good leader, one has to be born with specific qualities. But this is far from the case. Like any other professional, a manager needs executive education. According to the generally accepted executive education definition, this is a special kind of vocational education, the purpose of which is to obtain the special skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to manage the company, personnel, project, etc effectively.

Key Issues in Choosing the for Company Success

The top priority goals for company development are changing as quickly as the business environment in whole. But still there are some key issues, one should pay attention to when choosing executive education program. Here they are:

  • Cost-effective investment in executive education. Any training, both staff, and executive education will give some benefits and increase the efficiency of work, but the cost of training may be higher than these benefits. That means that the resources of companies for professional education including executive education courses, seminars, and training are limited. So the key to success is to choose the most cost-effective option for a company.
  • Education of executives should provide VUCA skills for top managers and leaders. The ability of company leaders to cope with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments is a top priority of any professional leader training (VUCA skills). Efficient management under tough conditions is a necessary skill in the dynamic highly-competitive business environment, like that in the UAE.
  • Top executive education with coaching for managers. It is a truly time-effective, cost-effective and highly profitable solution for a company – executive education short courses for managers with post-program coaching. Even short courses, training and seminars will give great result in total if coaching for top managers is provided since managers will spread the knowledge among the whole team.
  • Time-efficiency of training. When it comes to resources that can be given for education, not only money is important, but also time, especially for top managers and directors. Best executive education is a short-time course and training.

The goals of executive education courses are as follows:

  • To develop management skills (including self-management).
  • To master tools needed for management activities (tools for analysis, planning, etc.)
  • To get the other skills (soft skills).

Choosing method and form of executive education

And now let's move on to the consideration of forms and methods of executive education. They are in many respects similar to the general methods used for vocational training.

  • Seminar. A fairly common form, which usually addresses one or several topics. It assumes an active exchange of experience among participants.
  • Business training. In many respects, it is similar to a seminar. Several topics can be presented here. The participants of the training can test the received knowledge in practice in the form of a simulation.
  • Coaching. Business coaching is based on the authority and experience of the business coach, who shares own experience, and the participants analyze specific cases, thus gaining the necessary practical knowledge.
  • Lectures. A traditional form of training, in which students can master a fairly large amount of theoretical material, although the activity of listeners is limited.

Good executive education programs combine elements of some, or even all, of the listed forms.

Executive education solutions in the UAE

The high demand for good specialists in the country has led to the fact that there are quite a few different solutions for executive education in the market of educational services: courses, seminars, workshops, and training.

The optimal option will be a comprehensive solution, which will consider the maximum range of topical issues in the shortest possible time. Here is an example of such a solution: STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.