List of Popular Professional Courses – Options in the UAE

List of Popular Professional Courses – Options in the UAE

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List of Popular Professional Courses – Options in the UAE

After completing vocational education, at a university, in a college, or at some courses, a working specialist does not have much time for further education during work time, but professional education and training should not be stopped since we cannot afford to stay behind the progressive trends in our field.

One of the possible solutions to this problem are the various vocational classes – the list of professional courses in the UAE is growing day by day.

In such courses, students can get all the latest skills from leading experts in their fields, here private schools and institutions compete successfully with public colleges, so you have a long list of professional courses after graduation, from which you can choose the best solution for your case.

You can certainly do professional training by yourself, but in this case, there is a whole series of problems – you need to look for the necessary information and materials yourself, and the result of such a search will not always be such as it is expected.

What fields are the most popular in the UAE

The growth rate of the UAE’s economy is one of the highest in the world, as compared to other countries, and this trend will continue, at least in the coming years. Such growth contributes to the increasing demand for new specialists, besides, there are many options available for training. Local schools and colleges offer quite a few solutions for those who are going to make a career here and are going to continue studying while working.

In order to understand which areas are most popular in the UAE, you should look at the current situation in the economy of the country. International trade ranks second after the oil and gas industry, so the most demanded are the professionals that in one or another way are connected with international trade. Here they are:

  • Sales manager. Naturally, in a country where sales are so actively developed, a large number of sales managers is needed. A modern sales manager should have up-to-date knowledge, skills and be able to use modern technical means, and besides, it is necessary to know the specifics of customers of the market with which he/she works with.
  • Marketer. Effective promotion of goods and services, as well as the development of new niches in the markets is impossible without the effective work of marketers. Fundamentals of digital marketing, the latest developments in methods of promoting goods and services, the basics of advertising – all these can be found in professional courses.
  • Customer service specialist. Another essential aspect in international trade is customer service. Companies that sell products, such as electronics, will need customer service specialists at support service offices. Therefore, this direction is also very promising.
  • Manager (leader). In any team and in any project a good leader is needed, which will be able to establish the team's work and give the desired result. Demand for smart managers and senior executives was and will remain high.
  • HR. Certainly to search all listed above experts the good HR is required. So professional courses for HR are included at the top of the popular courses.

Professional courses in the UAE

So, we reviewed the list of professional courses, which are most in demand in the country. Among the organizations offering their services for professional training, the Atton Institute stands out where you can find solutions (both individual courses and entire programs) in all the directions described above, here they are: