Learning and Development Professional Skills for Career Development in the UAE

Learning and Development Professional Skills for Career Development in the UAE

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Learning and Development Professional Skills for Career Development in the UAE

Each specialist sooner or later faces the need for learning and professional development because we live in a dynamic world with a high level of competition and widely spread digital technologies, which is especially important in countries with a developed economy like the UAE.

So, being faced with the need for professional education, there immediately arises another question – do it yourself or choose one of the available options for vocational training offered by private and public educational institutions.

As for self-study, now there are many different options available – these are both free training materials, and online courses, and other opportunities, both paid and free. However, in professional self-education there is a significant disadvantage – you will have to look for all the necessary materials yourself, select and analyze available options. You do not really want to waste your precious time on this, do you?

Training for learning and development professionals from educational institutions that offer their training services are free of this shortcoming. Also, by choosing the training in courses and seminars, you will be able to contact the leading professionals in your field and receive all the necessary skills and new experience directly from them too. Programs for vocational training courses are designed to maximize the effective perception of the material and so that new knowledge can be immediately put into practice.

Some tips on professional development

We also present you a few tips that will help you in the professional development process:

  • Record your own victories. Make a list of ten of your professional achievements over the past year. They can be included in your CV which you send to potential employers. The last ones like reading the "achievements" column, especially in the context of your possible future responsibilities.
  • Make your CV ideal. For example, you can use these tips. They will help you get closer to the work of your dreams. Add the necessary details to your CV or even write a new CV from scratch. For example, you can use some ready-made template for its design (there are lots of those in free access), then send it to the employer.
  • If you do not know what to do, ask for help from a specialist. Feel stuck? Hire a coach or pay an expert to help you with your issue. You can also register in a specialized forum and ask advice from professionals there.
  • Go to the next level using LinkedIn. Every time you add someone to your friends, write a personal message. You will be surprised to know what a tremendous effect this can produce because typically people are limited to one invitation.
  • Choose a skill that you would like to improve: speaking skills, time management or writing creative texts. Sign up for a seminar or courses. Anything that motivates you to change is useful. Then think about how you will develop this skill. Look for professional development learning solutions and take some of your time for training.
  • Familiarize yourself with the classics of motivating literature. For example, take Stephen Covey's "7 Skills of Highly Effective People" or "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. If you are an audiologist, buy an audiobook or subscribe to a suitable podcast. Food for the mind, which is difficult to refuse.
  • Write a plan for the year. Looking for a job? Yes, even if you are completely satisfied with your workplace, try writing a plan for your career. Maybe you want to notify your colleagues that you are looking for new opportunities, or you want promotion. Think about exactly how you want to achieve your goals.

Courses for learning and development professionals

Here, in the UAE, there are quite a few options for professional development for specialists in the most demanded areas: sales increase, better customer service, digital marketing, management, etc. And the Atton Institute offers its courses in the areas mentioned above.