Employee Training and Development – Choosing the Best Solution

Employee Training and Development – Choosing the Best Solution

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Dubai, UAE GS-065
27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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27 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 5 Days
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28 Mar - 31 Mar, 2023 4 Days
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3 Apr - 7 Apr, 2023 5 Days
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5 Apr - 7 Apr, 2023 3 Days
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10 Apr - 14 Apr, 2023 5 Days

Employee Training and Development – Choosing the Best Solution

Only personal, professional knowledge and skills of each specialist do not guarantee a good result for your company. But along with a desire to achieve goals, a favorable team environment, and with a clear understanding of the company's strategy, your work will bring you the required result. Employee training and development on the specialized courses will help to ensure that your employees meet these requirements.

Innovative forms of employee training and development

Methods and techniques of training and development process are actively developed. Among the types of training and development, there are both classical teaching methods, and methods of remote learning and innovative teaching methods.

There are following classical methods typically used:

  • Lecture. A teacher gives a talk, and an audience listens;
  • Seminar. Takes place in the form of a dialogue between a teacher and an audience;
  • Training. The process is aimed at sharing the instructor's personal experience, by performing various exercises and tasks;
  • Coaching. An instructor conducts individual training, revealing the potential of the student;
  • Interactive games. Modeling of situations that require the use of certain skills and knowledge.

At the remote training and development process, there is no direct interaction between the instructor and the student, different ways of exchanging information are used, providing the opportunity to study at a convenient time, at a distance from the teacher.

  • Mailing lists. A teacher sends tasks by e-mail, then checks their performance;
  • Interactive courses. Contain various tasks and tests. They use video recordings, audio information, 3D modeling at these courses;
  • Webinars. The seminars organized through the Internet;
  • Conferences. Students can listen to lecture material and ask questions to the instructor.

Recently, in the training and development process they started to use innovative methods:

  • Podcasting. Audio and video records posted on the Internet are used at this training. This is a topical way for self-study and advanced training.
  • Audio book. This is a recording of instructor's lectures. The advantages are as follows: the ability to listen to the training course at home, at work and while traveling in a vehicle.
  • Audio-guide. An audio recording of lecture material, which is to be listened in the place being studied, for example, in a warehouse, office, archive, etc.
  • Topical blogs. The instructor creates a blog on the Internet, containing articles on the topic of the training and links to additional materials.

According to the research results, the more an employee is loaded with work, the more often he or she uses informal ways of education. Informal learning helps to strengthen the acquired knowledge and form a professional.

Employee training and development solutions in Dubai, the UAE

Typically, with a professional approach to the issue of employee training and development, a combination of classical and innovative approaches is used, with an emphasis on specific tasks that need to be addressed by the company through such training.

In Dubai, the UAE has quite a few offers from various companies that offer staff training services. We advise you to pay attention to the Atton Institute – an organization that offers professional training services to a wide range of specialists: sales managers, marketing specialists, managers, HRs, etc.

On the site, you can find a List of training programs for employees and business owners and List of training courses for employees and business owners.